DKS3713: Live-Blogging the Entire Event

Kanae, from FFKH, will be updating her blog to keep us constantly informed of what's going on at the event. Note that you will need to navigate and refresh the page from the provided link in order to get the english translation. Another option would be a bit more patient, and wait for FF-xiii (related link) to do the english translation.

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TheHater4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

WE don't want blogs. We want videos
Thanks CP68
I didn't know that. Well a blog is better than nothing then.

cp684314d ago

It's a closed event. NO CAMERA ALLOWED. Journalists will have to write about what they see, that's all.

-EvoAnubis-4314d ago

For some reason, I thought this conference wasn't until Sunday.

unamed084314d ago

Here's the full schedule, translated of course:

SixTwoTwo4314d ago

we only got about 3 1/2 hours to go.

theusedfake4314d ago

excited, I hope some good news
comes out of this event!

cliffbo4314d ago

they said E3 was for 360 and their own event was for the PS3, so i'm pretty interested in this

soul899er4314d ago

BBS release date please, and Dissidia! xD oh and VII sequel/spinoff PS3 exclusive, oh and SO4 going to PS3, god its a very exciting day for PS3/PSP/DS owners, and what does the "other" system got? >_> lets just wait and see

Ice2ms4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

this kinda snuck up on me gonna have to stay up all night now =[ (Its 11:42pm where i am) Damn I need Cofee 2 1/4 hours till start.

Ice2ms4314d ago

Fcuk it i cant do it 3 nights in a row 1st night rock band, 2nd night css i cant sit idle all night

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