Halo 3: Team Melee Weekend Begins

Starting Thursday morning, Team Melee is available as a Double EXP Weekend feature in Halo 3. As you might guess from the name, Team Melee focuses on everybody's best friends, the Gravity Hammer and the Energy Sword. Three teams of three face off in a combination of slayer and objective gametypes. Try not to lose an eye out there.

Team Melee is available from July 31st, 11am PDT until August 4, at 2am. All DLC is required for participation. Enjoy!

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OOG4395d ago

And these are the reasons why it is taking back Xbox Live....because the developers actually do things after the game is out

Sitdown4395d ago

and it does not heard that after a while they allow their map packs to become free.

EastCoastSB4395d ago

Why must I have all the DLC? WTF is that?

iggypop1234395d ago

i hate the fact that if you wait for dlc to be free i cant participate in these fun things. sorry i dont want to pay for legendary map pack. ill go back to COD isntead

jinn4395d ago

y is this availabe while im on vacation in asia? =(

jinn4391d ago

Halo 3 should also allow no weapons in hand just your fists