(Japan) Blue Dragon Effect ... 360 Sells 35k Units in 1 Week

The new M-Create numbers are in for the week of December 4th - 10th. The Xbox360 reached a new record in the land of the rising sun, moving a 'wh0pping' (at least for Microsoft) 35343 units! If I didn't make any errors this brings the total amount of 360s sold since launch to ~213k (vs. already ~238k PS3s) in Japan.

Blue Dragon itself ended on the 4th place in the Japanese software ranking with 80348 copies of the game (released on dec 7th) sold in 4 days.

While selling over 35k units in 1 weeks is a real nice performance for the 360 over there (Microsoft usually sells only a few 1000s a week), it's still a pale figure compared to Wii's 85439 units and PS3's 50171 units ... both probably limited by available stock.

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kornbeaner4350d ago

the system, it's to bad no game will ever make the 360 a hit in Japan.

FirstknighT4350d ago

This is good news for the 360 indeed! Blue Dragon is starting a manga anime pretty soon and it's also starting to appear in the Shohun Jump as a comic. The popularity of Blue Dragon will only increase! Blue Dragon 2 will sell even more consoles! With Lost Planet (another game with great reviews from Famitsu) just a month away, looks like Microsoft is finally making a dent in Japan!

Silver3604350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

Some people in america like them but the mainstream is like WTF is this crap. Unless they can put it in a way we get it we ignore it. This is true for the 360 in Japan. Blue Dragon has got the mainstream attention in Japan. More like it will get more attention. It will be a slow process. It is just because the 360's main games doesn't interest the Japaness. Let MS worry about it. They are on the right path.

PS360PCROCKS4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

good point, i'm the "WTF" person, lol I hate Japanese Anime, as I will probably never see Blue Dragon on my console. But I'm happy to see that it sold a good amount of consoles, good job Microsoft! Oh and lol the world is ending the 360 outsold the almighty PS2 in Ps2's own country

calderra4350d ago

As said elsewhere- if 360 doesn't at least look competitive when you have Blue Dragon and DOA4/X2 staring down Resistance and Gundam... THEN we could officially attribute 360's pains on nationalism with fact to back it up.

See also: Price breaks on Core unit, Blue Dragon bundles, Lost Oddyssey, Lost Planet... there's no reason not to invest at this point.

Solidus4350d ago

Man I give Microsoft huge kudos for the effort but its over for them. Blue Dragon was the only thing they had that while there are wii and ps3 droughts could get people to cross over and it didnt work.

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The story is too old to be commented.