Sony Metreon holds Soulcalibur IV tourney, Sasaki signs a system

Gamertell has posted an article about a recent Bandai Namco at Metreon's Sony Playstation Store where fans were able to compete to win a new PS3 signed by Soul Katsutoshi Sasaki, director of Soulcalibur IV.

Gamertell was also able to get some exclusive photos of the prize, the winner ("Bay Area local, Jeff Nguy") and Sasaki.

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thereapersson4317d ago

It's good that Sony is hyping this game so much. They need to concentrate not only on their strong first and second party titles, but also the many third party titles that most gamers buy. They need to show incentive for buying third party games on the PS3.

It's almost like Sony and MS are at opposite ends of the gaming spectrum:

MS = Strong third party support, lackluster first party support

Sony = Strong first/second party support, average third party support (most third party devs concentrate on the 360 versions of games first while developing).