Microsoft: We Want More Exclusives

Microsoft, which has been able to capture some important (timed) third-party exclusives such as Rock Band 2 and BioShock, continues to chase more exclusive deals to differentiate Xbox 360 from competitors. Investment in 360-only games a priority, Mattrick tells Edge.

When asked about Xbox 360's weaknesses, Microsoft interactive entertainment boss Don Mattrick replied, "We'd love to have more exclusive hits on our box, absolutely. Are we investing in that? Yes we are. Does that take a lot of time? Yes it does."

Microsoft's exclusive deals go beyond the boxed product. Grand Theft Auto IV and Fallout 3 will both offer exclusive downloadable content for the Xbox 360 versions. PS3 players wanting an extended experience for those games are out of luck.

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BigBoy20004327d ago

Could I possibly ask any more rhetorical questions? Probably!

UnSelf4327d ago

Prolly but heres a rhetorical answer......

HighDefinition4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )


The big things the 360 has left aren`t so big at all excluding GEOW2.

Fable2- Great game but isn`t going to be a MASSIVE hit.

Fallout3- is D/L content, no one is going to rush out and get a 360 for D/L content.

Too Human- We shall see, if it lives or dies.

Splinter Cell- Having some serious problems.

Alan Wake- IMO is a MYTH and is on PC

Halo Wars- It`s HALO, but it`s NOT HALO at the same time.

Final Fantasy 13- Multiplatform and most likely is releasing on PS3 1st.

Rockband2- TIMED Multiplat, very important. The best thing the 360 has going for it besides Geow2.

On top of that.....GeoW2 has LBP and R2 to deal w/ this time and BOTH could completely over shadow GeoW2. R2 stepped it up more the Geow2 in alot of ways and LBP could be the biggest new franchise of this gen.

My point ....360 has some good stuff, but most of the BIG ones are MULTI, it`s gonna be hard for them to keep up thru the end of 2008 and all of 2009.

decapitator4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Let me try and decode the PR talk: "We will buy more exclusives or if possible put the cash down for a timed release."

Btw, what the hell happened to Alan Wake ?

HighDefinition4327d ago

I think there`s a RUMOR Alan Wake will be @ TGS or CES, not sure which one.

I don`t even think it exists, though.

HighDefinition4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

I want in the KZ2 beta.

HighDefinition4327d ago

I want to know if Alan Wake actually exists or not.

Alan Wake is the "50Ft Shark" of the gaming industry.

xhairs94327d ago

Even counting RB2 as timed exclusive, that's not that great imo. I have RB1 and I was very angry at it. #1 - Can't use GH3 guitar & no guitars sold separately for almost 6 months. #2 - Broken strums. #3 - Drums faulty. The list goes on, I feel that this timed exclusive can do something else to the 360 that isn't very happy.

I feel that it gives us PS3 owners the chance to see the REAL review of the game before it comes out. Are the controllers goign to break again? Are the drums sturdy? Is the DLC worth getting the game for? etc. etc.

themyk4327d ago

who cares about a timed rock band exclusive.

GH world tour is gonna be way better anyways.

Tomdc4326d ago

PS3 Bioshock gets exclusive content and microsoft was the one paying for the game in the first place =P

mikeslemonade4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

PS3 has real exclusives. By the time Microsoft matches Sony with real quality exclusives they will be so far in debt that they will have to jump out of the video game industry.

Left 4 Dead the most recent exclusive is lost and now multiplatform for PS3 also. Will Gears 2 and Fable 2 really hold the 360 this fall? I highly doubt it. Gears 1 dissapointed a lot of people and Fable 2 looks unimpressive visually.

LoVeRSaMa4326d ago

Rock Band isnt sucha big hit due to its costs =/

Its playing off the GH fad, and when the Real GH comes out, it will be much better tbh.

As for exclusives, they are relying on 3rd parties, Sony have the right idea in there 1st pary development, that means the final product will be much better.

CaptainHowdy4326d ago

as soon as i saw the title of the article i got an image of the Hamburglar

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dktxx24327d ago

If they want exclusives, they should build up their first party studios.

cmrbe4327d ago

is perhaps the smartest comment i have seen today. Bubbles.

Monchichi0254327d ago

But then again, with so many great third party many more games do we need? I mean I'm already backed up in games to play, and there's STILL tons more coming out that I need to play! There's just not enough hours in a day!!!

But they should invest more into there studios.

NegativeCreep4274327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

but judging from their past acts and attitudes regarding this subject, MS has the mindset of "why build and train our own domestic military force when we can go to foreign countries and steal and recruit children and teenagers from their forces?".

Whoooop4327d ago

The real question is.... with so many great first party many more games do we need?

I'm talking about the PS3 of course and I only plan on buying less than a handful of multiplatforms this year.

Some multiplatforms are going to be great, but I'm on the fence for most of them. My money is 100% secure with MOST PS3 first and second party games.

kazuma4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

i'm with cmrbe, bubbles to you

Megaton4327d ago

That's the drawback of all the 3rd party multiplat buyouts they're doing. It puts more importance on first party titles to differentiate the consoles, which they're severely lacking. That's what I'd be working on if I had any power in the Microsoft camp.

solidt124327d ago

Agreed because when third Party games start to sell way better on the PS3 they are going to have a tough time buying Exclusives and content. They are going to have tough time in general.

Panthers4327d ago

You read my mind. That would be M$s best strategy, but for some reason they think its all about third party games.

TheExecutive4327d ago

In one sentence you just described what MS needs to do and why Sony won the last two generations.

decapitator4327d ago

you see, for whatever reason it is, Microsoft just can't seem to keep a grip on any studios they aquire. Bungie left and Bioware was bought by EA, and that racing studio was bought by Activision.

I think what they are doing now is, instead of paying for and owning a studio, they would rather put forth the money and have you develop a game for them.

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avacadosnorkel4327d ago

but it's neat for already owners

StayHigh4327d ago

What happen the the GTAIV exclusive contents?? It wont come out till next year??

SCThor4327d ago

Oh!! now I remember...that old game nobody is playing.

mfwahwah4327d ago

Oh, everybody will start playing it once that DLC is out. If they decide to buy it... and aren't playing some of the other awesome games out by then...

Oh well MS, that $50 mil deal did sound important to me at the time. It really did.

Heaven_Or_Hell4327d ago

We Want More Exclusives... Cuz we can't not really create our own exclusives :(


Viktor E4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Even Microsoft realize Lips and Scene It are going to perform poorly in Sales...

AngryTypingGuy4327d ago

Look at it this way, Microsoft is in for the long haul. MS will invest in more development studios in order to pump out more exclusives at a faster rate. They will still invest in third party exclusives, some timed and some not.

Sony is the established video game company. They have worked hard to build a tremendous name for themselves in the industry, with a great long term strategy. MS will work hard to acquire more in-house development to rival what Sony has. MS has the money, and ego to drive themselves to greater and greater heights. Look at the force they have been able to become in a relatively short time in the industry.

BTW, when did they say that they think Lips will sell poorly? I sure as hell didn't read that anywhere.

IzKyD13314327d ago

MS in it for the long haul?
yeah...right, we all know there gonna release the 720 in 2 years, and every 360 owner will be left in the dust, sony on the other hand wont be releasing another system for probably 4 more years, they already have the answer to MS problems, and the cell's power has only been touched....while MS has already peaked late last year

Max Power4327d ago

thats funny it only took Sony one generation to be come dominate and become THE force in the video game industry.

BLUR1114327d ago

Good point. MS has been focusing on those stupid games too much.

morganfell4327d ago

Anyone that thinks Microsoft thought more than 2 feet ahead of themselves is full of crap. If they had they would have used a disc medium that wouldn't be getting knifed by a major company less than 3 years into it's life span.

A handful of idiots can deny it until they are blue in the face but when anyone says that MS planned ahead they should instead keep their trap shut before they become a laughing stock. And that is just the hardware. Now their weakness in software is rearing it's head too.

Shane Kim4326d ago

lol AngryTyping, you sound like Sony is a poor company. But that aside I rather have real exclusives than DLC.

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