Nintendo recalls 3.2 million Wii straps

Nintendo has decided to recall the Wii strap, following numerous complaints that the strap was not strong enough to stop the controller from flying out of gamers hands, and hitting television screens.

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OutLaw4329d ago

According to other sources Nintendo is not recalling the straps but replacing them.

calderra4328d ago

Er, they are "recalling" the defective straps, and in echange for bothering, they'll give you a replacement.

Same as the PS2 and Xbox power cord issues.

PS360WII4329d ago

That Nintendo gets blamed for this, but at least they are being the better man and doing something about it

DJ4328d ago

That, and I'm amazed no one's been bashing Nintendo for the strap problem.

Xaddict4326d ago

I cant beleive people are actualy complaining about this. Ive played the Wii alot and i havent experienced any time that i was violently swinging my arms like crazy and letting go of the remote. Mabey people should stop being stupid and calm the hell down when playing. Mabey like...i dont...accualy hold onto the controller when playing? Hmm that might be a good idea.