The 13 Most Beloved Women in Gaming

SlobsofGaming writes: These 13 women are loved by gamers far and wide -- and not just because they're so damn pretty! They may be models, writers, bloggers, developers, and TV hosts, but these girls carry more gaming spirit in them than most of us ever will...

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Smacktard3820d ago

Hmm, don't most gamers hate most of these girls?

theusedfake3820d ago

can't stand Morgan Webb...

Olivia Munn should have
been on the list.

TheWickedOne3820d ago

I agree Munn should be there, especially since Webb is on the list.

Peow3820d ago

Here's the most beloved woman in gaming.

Oh, and Olivia Munn should DEFINITELY be on there.

Skadoosh3820d ago

I played against these ladies back in the days in Halo 2. They sucked!

LeonSKennedy4Life3820d ago

Beloved or masturbated to???

This is a list of porn stars and whores who happen to play games...and Jade Raymond, who's a respectable human being.

This is stupid.

devilhunterx3820d ago

Other then Jade, the rest are useless

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