Team Xbox 360 Feature: The Xbox 360 Games of August 2008

Today Team Xbox 360 has a new feature for you that they will be posting around the beginning of each month; it is a list of all games coming out in the following month, with release dates and links to the title on their website, where you can find news, reviews, and previews on the game before it is released. Take a minute and check out the games of August, making your list for which titles you will be dropping your money on this month.

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Light Yagami4323d ago

Other than Tales, what a sad month.

Obama4323d ago

Don't forget too flopman.

TheMART4322d ago

Obama, I knew you don't do anything for your black people but stop spreading fud

Have you played Too Human? Probably not.

The only ones complaining are those PS3 fanboys. The people that played the demo actually like the game. I am waiting for the first previews and will laugh so hard when the 360 gets another good or great game. You keep playing those BluRay movies. Yes I say movies. That's also what your only exclusive on or over 90% average is. A freakin' movie.

RAM MAGNUMS4323d ago

they have upgraded the rrod!
everytime you turn on your xbox360 the theme song from
mission impossible plays.
isn't that a thrill?!

I have no more jokes, xbox is dead again.
its not even funny anymore.

FCOLitsjustagame4323d ago

Didnt list the Arcade games.
I may get the Fable pub games.
I will get Too Human.
I may get Tiger Woods
I may get Tales of Vesperia
I will get Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

From gamespots release list (if these come out)
I will get Infinite Undiscovery (sept 1 so close enough)
and May get World in Conflict: Soviet Assault (though I have no reason to assume this is actually coming out at this time)