NZGamer: Sims Animals Preview

NZGamer writes: "Quick Glance: Players are let loose on a forest of unsuspecting animals. Turn them against each other or create a thriving environment of trust and love!

At the E3 press conference, EA announced several upcoming Sim games, guaranteed to put another nail in the coffin of your and my productive lives. One of the more interesting titles on offer was SimAnimals, a wildlife simulation game, where you (acting as the hand of God) can interact with a range of animals in their natural surroundings. Animals you'll see include wolves, bears, owls, foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, deer, and raccoons."

The Good:
-Develop trusting relationships with wild animals

The Bad:
-If you treat them poorly, they'll hate you for it

The Ugly:
-Hedgehog throwing

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