An in-depth look at the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for September 2015

Neil writes "August was one of the best ever months for the Xbox Games With Gold scheme with some cracking titles given away for free to each and every Xbox live Gold member. But August can be firmly placed in the past as September kicks in. Surely Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners should have another decent time in the free stakes?"

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MCTJim2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

4 games a month free for X1 owners with games with gold. It's great they are doing this.

September may not be seller but they are decent titles.

poppinslops2159d ago

There's also the Forza 6 demo, which will be available sometime tomorrow... and Dying Light just got a demo as well - it's suprisingly intense.

I'm keen to check out Crysis and Battlestations (not so sure about 'the Deer God') and I love Tomb Raider... Lara's parents must have been really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

I wonder if her Mother's still alive?

kaizokuspy2159d ago

Dying light was great fun on ps4. If you're thinking of getting it on xbox, I recommend the demo. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Automatic792159d ago

Games with Gold has come a long way and now adding BC it will be one of the best services available.

Viryu2159d ago

Lately Gold games are quite better than Plus one's, and that's coming from someone who is exclusively a Playstation owner.

spicelicka2159d ago

Yea for a long time PS Plus games were superior in terms of value at least, but xbox live GwG has finally surpassed it. Now hopefully Sony will respond by improving their promotions as well, benefits of good competition!

kaizokuspy2159d ago

We've already had tomb raider free. Xbox is just copying sony from months ago. Gwg hasn't surpassed sony. You are just now getting four games a month recently. We've been getting 6 games. As for BC, it's not as compelling considering that a lot of the multiplayer servers for those titles will be shut down, or are shutting down. It won't last forever.

etownone2159d ago

They are... Especially when you factor in the fact that the games are yours, as in you own them whether you continue with Gold or not.

My PS plus subscription ran out... And I have a bunch of games that I downloaded I'm not allowed to play. That sucks.

Transporter472159d ago

You only keep the 360 games, and not the X1 ones. You know that once you renew your PS+ you get access back to all those games you have downloaded.

22CobraKing2159d ago

It's like it's 3rd month this year it has had good games

kaizokuspy2159d ago

Yeah and playstation gave the same games away for free, months ago.

Viryu2158d ago

It was for PS3. MS also gave it away on 360 I think? Still, for a current gen goodie it's quite good, though I also got mine for free from a friend.

Iknoweverything2159d ago

Considering I pay £21 a yr for gold and £36 a year for ps+ gold on cd keys Xbox live is a absolute steal with gwg

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kaizokuspy2159d ago

So for saving a few bucks you get mostly similarly titles playstation has already gotten, many months later. Cd keys is legit though.

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ShottyatLaw2158d ago

Just stop. Deer God is new. The new version of TR is new. Battlestations is new. Crysis 3 is the only "mostly similarly title."

On an unrelated note, I hope PS+ users enjoy Super Time Force. I had a good bit of fun playing through it when it came to GWG months ago.

Team_Litt2158d ago

When did ps4 get Trivial Defenitive free?

kaizokuspy2158d ago

0h my bad, it's the new version of tomb raider. Wow, so some added content on an old game that's already been played on my x360 and ps4. The complaint was a 15 euro difference and everyone here in the comments act like xbl is doing new things, when they are just copying their competitors at this point. You're delusional for calling me a fan boy. All I stated were facts. Stating facts don't make you a fanboy, being ignorant to the facts do. Deer God and Battlestar ions are the only ones worth mentioning, but sony has their own games like grow home they give away free next month. Point is, quit trying to paint xbox better than ps4, when in reality they are both good. Trying to sit there and say gwg is better than ps plus free games, is stupid. They are the same thing. They have the same business model, except with plus, you get new titles for free, and that's commonplace.
Rocket league
Grow home

spicelicka2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

well xbox also got Assassin's creed 4 which wasn't on PS4. The point was that PS Plus games have been better yes, but not anymore. Whether they're equal or better depends on preference.

But considering xbox 360 games will also be available on Xbox that's big advantage. PS Plus has been giving more games, but only one or two of them are are actually considerable.

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