While we're waiting for a new Jet Grind Radio there is Skate Park City

Siliconera: "Skate Park City has a touch of Jet Grind Radio's style with its visuals, but inline skates aren't welcome here. Everyone in this futuristic setting has skateboards. Similar to the Tony Hawk game you do tricks, but the goal is to rescue a kidnapped friend from someone called Virus. It's like Skate or Die for a new generation."

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Morrissey4323d ago

It's actually a solid game
It reminds me of the first 2 tony hawks games, it's not really frustrating like most skateboarding games if you mess up a trick it doesn't take you out of the action (having to stop), you just don't get the points and you pretty much carry on skating like nothing happened.

The only thing that annoys me is the music...its the same thing over and over, i'm sure there's something you can do about that with custom firmware but i can't be bothered to try.

Seriously its actually good.