Nintendo Offers Free Wiimote Straps Replacements in Japan

Nintendo has, after issuing a letter of warning to gamers, extended an offer in Japan to gamers to have their Wiimote straps replaced for thicker, (hopefully) more resilient straps.

Quote from AP article:

After issuing a general "calm down" to its customers a week ago, Nintendo Co. has responded by quietly beefing up the controller's fabric wrist strap, spokeswoman Beth Llewelyn said.

And while most executives would cringe if their flagship product suddenly became associated with shattered electronics and the occasional flesh wound, some observers say the lighthearted buzz could deliver a perfect shot of viral marketing.

It seems that the original 0.6 millimeter straps are being replaced with 1 millimeter straps that will help to cut down on errant Wiimote projectiles in the home. Nintendo is offering users in Japan the ability to exchange their original straps for the thicker ones at no charge. While it has not been confirmed that the same will take place in North America, Europe or Australia, it is assumed that the exchange program will become available worldwide.

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