1UP: Skate 2 Hands-On Preview

Nick Suttner of 1UP writes:

"Certainly one of the more surreal experiences I've had is playing Skate 2 while associate producer Chris "Cuz" Parry -- the memorable disembodied announcer from the first Skate -- sits behind me, saying, "No way! How'd you do that?" and chuckling after I take a particularly nasty spill. He's a bit of a kook (his words), but he's exactly the kind of person that should be working on this franchise -- a grizzled skater hippie who's as passionate about his game as he is about the sport, as proven by a gnarly gash on his leg earned the day before my visit. In fact, besides the hippie part, this holds true for everyone at Vancouver-based EA Black Box: They're unflinchingly dedicated to producing a game that, mechanically and culturally, represents skateboarding as faithfully as possible -- something that is absolutely evident in the first Skate."

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turri504317d ago

it's incredible how they are adding hundred of new features to the game, even when skate 1 already was very innovative.
i'm really looking forward to this game.