Worldwide Hardware and Software Chart for Week Ending July 25th, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimated worldwide hardware and software chart for week ending July 25th, 2008 is as follows:

Hardware Totals: [Last Week #]

DSL: 529,838 (+12%) [471,622]
Wii: 364,443 (-3%) [374,611]
PSP: 218,897 (-3%) [226,642]
360: 145,652 (-18%) [176,756]
PS3: 118,065 (-21%) [150,216]
PS2: 99,589 (-1%) [100,206]

Top 15 Software Worldwide:

1 Wii Sports (Wii) 333,648 26,826,065
2 Wii Fit (Wii) 206,415 6,010,109
3 Dragon Quest V (DS) 181,265 860,726
4 Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 166,815 6,604,652
5 Wii Play (Wii) 144,271 13,840,171
6 Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon 2: Time/Darkness (DS) 116,727 2,918,552
7 Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS) 116,040 740,169
8 Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) 91,176 6,407,687
9 Powerful Pro Baseball 15 (PS2) 88,625 88,625 [NEW]
10 NCAA Football 09 (360) 83,806 374,433
11 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) 81,340 2,658,117
12 Nintendogs (DS) 80,583 19,112,339
13 New Super Mario Bros (DS) 74,794 15,147,684
14 Mario Kart DS (DS) 72,272 11,371,067
15 Brain Training (DS) 68,040 13,641,317

Other New Releases:

22 The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki the 3rd (PSP) 43,682 43,682 [NEW]
30 Siren: New Translation (PS3) 35,422 35,422 [NEW]
40 Home Teacher Hitman Reborn! DS: Flame Rumble Hyper - Moeyo Mirai (DS) 30,548 30,548 [NEW]

Software Totals: [Last Week Total]

DSL: 2,270,299 (-17%) [2,745,205] Tie Ratio: 3.52
Wii: 1,994,467 (-4%) [2,075,363] Tie Ratio: 4.94
360: 1,084,369 (-26%) [1,459,396] Tie Ratio: 6.86
PS3: 803,436 (-16%) [961,590] Tie Ratio: 4.51
PS2: 617,323 (+1%) [611,966] Tie Ratio: n/a
PSP: 432,661 (-19%) [536,762] Tie Ratio: 2.09

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Silogon4394d ago

PS3 got stomped! Stomped bad too. ahhahahahahaha, so much for "It's the end of the end when MGS4 comes out!!"

You dong bangers!

power of Green 4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

How long did you expect MGS4 to boost PS3, it's a niche title only 3-4 million people buy the game. All MGS's sell around 3-4 million despite the 120 million platform owners. I was wondering why there was 500 comments in the RAGE thread, MSFT could see higher sales for a while with JAPANESE games on the way and Madden plus Too Human.

How did E3 make this much difference?, seems that things started to change afterwards.

beoulve4394d ago

HOW MSG4 boosted PS3? EASY, create demand until shortage. A REAL SHORTAGE. Was it so hard to figure it out? poor bot

SpecialSauce4394d ago

PS3 is in shortage plus 360 is only ahead because of price cuts. meaning no one wants that shyt unless it will cost them much less then buying a true next gen console, proving how garbage ur xbox really is.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4394d ago

A Price cut and it only sells 27,587 more than the PS3???
;-D It's not much more is it!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D
That's PATHETIC!!! ;-D

'PS3 got stomped'??? Er i don't think so!!! ;-D
You just wait for a PS3 price cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-P


IzKyD13314393d ago

how much of shane kim's jizz do you bots have in your asses......THE PS3 IS HAVING SHORTAGES YOU IDIOTS!!!

theKiller4393d ago

i have to disagree with u in one thing, that is they dont need to wait for a price cut from ps3, all they need to finish them of is a permanent 80GB MGS4 bundle with DS3 and thats it, and the price cut will not just finish them off but it will put them out of the race, after that 360 will be racing PC gaming :D

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 4393d ago
Hellsvacancy4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

The 360's ahead by 26 thousand OOOOOOOOOOOh and how many price cuts has the 360 had 2 get that No.

EDIT. oh look here cums another DIV (Pog), hav u noticed that when theres a little bad news regardin the ps3 all the little mice cum out (siligon,pog,jason 360) but when like 2day with the news that Rage will look better on the ps3 there no-where 2 b seen, looooooooooosers


Hellsvacancy4394d ago

And wots Too Human? a game that been in development 4 10 years and it comes out lookin/playin like sh|t (and i hav played it) Looooooooooosers


Omega44394d ago

Even without any AAA games recently released or a real pricecut the 360 still outsells the PS3 WW incredible

Just wait until Fable 2, Gears2, Banjo, Fallout 3 and those JRPGs along with the pricecut hit it will be utter chaos, hopefully MS will be able to keep up with demand

Ben10544394d ago

PS3 had no price cut at all and its not far behind xbox360, "incredible"

Baba19064394d ago

"still" outsells? isnt it the second week this year?

Fiona4394d ago

hmmmm maybe because the 360 has a price cut?...

Drekken4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

First off... there was a price cut. Second, PS3 is in the middle of sku changes. 40Gig is going bye bye and I am sure anyone who wants it is waiting for the 80gig version. MSG4 bundle has been severely limit and that is the sku everyone wants right now.

So yeah, xbox won last week... but its not like PS3 didnt have its reasons.

EDIT: If Banjo is a system seller you guys deserve those avatars.

metalhead4394d ago

I rememeber when I first bought a PS2 on launch and ppl were telling me that the system would never be good. That was true the good games werent out at launch, but they came out look what happened, sales skyrocketed and even killed a console (R.I.P. Dreamcast). And from what it looks like history is about to repeat itself. The Wii is only selling well because its cheap, but in the next couple of years the CD format and low hardware and the DVDs the 360 still uses will be obsolete and Blu-ray will make all the difference. Just look at Rage confirmed to look worse on the 360. Oh btw when home comes out Sony will climb to the top even faster

Aclay4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

VG Chartz has already reported of a shortage of PS3 consoles and that's the reason behind the lower PS3 unit sales in America.

Whenever Sony get's everything up back to normal again with their console units in stock, most likely it will be back to PS3 outselling the 360 in the U.S. again. Plus, these VG Chartz numbers are just estimates, the only thing that matters is the Official NPD numbers.

The 80GB PS3 MGS4 bundle was number 3 in the top 10 earlier this week while the 20GB 360 for $299 was not even in the top 10 at all.

Omega44394d ago

Doesnt it bother you guys that even without a strong EU and JP following the 360 is still capable of outselling the PS3 WW

Personally i dont think the PS3 needs a pricecut cause its already worth more than the 360 (with bluray and wifi built-in) but even with that value if fails to sell well.

You all may think selling 30,000 more than the 360 is good enough but its not when you look at the PS2 install base, which i might add is being stolen by the Wii and even the 360

Real gamer 4 life4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

Why should i be bother, vgcharts already reported a ps3 shortage. There nothing to worry about. Chill and relax wait till the npd numbers come out. Don't gloat to early, because npd might say something else.

cliffbo4394d ago

lol... yeah it's incredible, they outsold the PS3 worldwide for 2 weeks since the beginning of the year.

IzKyD13314393d ago

the 40 GB ps3 is being phased out....and the PS3 has been outselling the 360 all year, i dont recall you saying anything for the past 20 something weeks when the PS3 doubled the 360 sales.....

Light Yagami4393d ago

1. There were PS3 shortages in the US according to the guy who runs the website.

2. There was a price cut or clearance sale in the US for the 360. Also the 360 had a huge price cut in EU around Easter and it still got outsold by the PS3. lol.

If there were no PS3 shortages, the ps3 would've outsold the 360 or been close to it this week. Even after Halo 3 and Gears of War came out, the 360 still struggles to outsell the PS3 WW every month.

mikeslemonade4393d ago

So far for year 2008 PS3 has sold 5.6 million units and 360 has sold 4.2 million units. In the end it doesn't matter as long as PS3 sells more and by a couple million. We can throw you 360 guys a bone every now and then.

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pp4394d ago

At least you want find Too Human in a bargain bin like mgs4

ricoloco4394d ago

but you will find it in the garbage bin. that demo was horrendous

SpecialSauce4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

lying around the store...... cuz no one will buy that shyt.

edit: i'm out of bubbles so i'll have to recycle this one PoG u say PS3 sales are falling and 360 are rising but up there^ it clearly states that the 360 actually did worse this month than last EVEN WITH A PRICE CUT.

eagle214394d ago

You know 360 is in the actual trash can in japan. Don't even go there on anything else.

MGS4 killed the sales of any 360 release in japan.

Microsoft_Spokesman4393d ago

Dude Too Human sucked ass, I played it. It sucks more than Halo 3.

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