Carmack: iPhone more powerful than Nintendo DS, PSP combined

Apple Insider Reports: "Speaking at QuakeCon 2008 in Dallas this week, id Software co-founder Carmack praised Apple's iPhone as an emerging force in mobile gaming industry and revealed his firm to be working on two titles for the handset.

Unlike most mobile platforms where gaming is largely brand-driven due to smaller screens, storage constrains and limited marketing flexibility, the iPhone offers a rare opportunity for game publishers to deliver graphics rich titles supported by detailed textual descriptions on the App Store, he said during a press conference.

The gaming icon admitted that he's disappointed id has yet to ship a game for the iPhone, but said two tentative titles are now well in the works. One was described as a 'conventional mobile game,' while the second was said to be more ambitious in that it will test the limits of the iPhone's graphics capabilities."

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wolf13064323d ago

sure , and the gameboy is more powerful the then the psp too, how about the sega gamegear, isn't it more powerful then the psp too, i mean come on , lately it seems hat everything is more powerful then the psp and yet no one or no machine has even come close to half of wht the psp is capable of doing

Charmers4323d ago

What on earth is this "state the obvious day" sponsored by John Carmack and ID. Of course the Iphone is more powerful than a mobile gaming system that came out 4 years ago. He neglects to state that the Iphone is also 9 times more expensive than the DS. I personally think both are crap but please someone shut this Carmack up.

Harry1904323d ago

I think he is going for the wrong crowd with the Iphone. Portables don't need graphical powerhouses,they need innovative games with higly stylised graphics and animations....LoCoROCO..many many great DS games...Patapon.

Harry1904323d ago

any DS games in that list. There are so many good games on both handheld that I simply can't remember all of them.

Jrome4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Jrome: iPhone's sh*tty touchscreen will ruin anything graphical the "powerful" iphone will produce.

It's great for casual games though.


Just to clarify. I think the touchscreen on the itouch/iphone is great, but not for every game type.

Morrissey4323d ago

Is this a lie?
If not may I have some HARD evidence?

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