Clearing up WarDevil confusion

With all the recent talk about WarDevil and the rumors flying around, PSU contacted the Digi-Guys to help clear things up and clarify things for you.

There are no official details on the film yet, and no official publisher has been announced. However, note that the WarDevil Project as of now is still a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Read on for more details.

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power of Green 5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

When did more rumors surface after they anounced it to be exclusive for the PS3 two days ago. lol

It's alright, you might of missed it, atleast "i hope" you missed this info that was posted a day or two ago.

TheMART5338d ago

older news even

This was posted in april 2006

Sony fanboys try to put up good news about PS3?

Gimme the good news guys!

xfrgtr5338d ago

GREAT,I love my ps3.Very good news.Again,360fanboys crying on this forum and this story was added yesterday(14/12/06) TheMART not in avril.Yeah!!

videl5338d ago

ps3 will win without problems! ps3 wishes the floor with ms.

BadTaste5338d ago

ps3 wishes the floor with ms huh?

lilgringo5338d ago

ps3 wishes the hell out of the 360, whether it's negative or not is debatable

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5336d ago

" wishes " it was as good as the 360!

tk5338d ago

And within seconds the xbots arrive to poo poo and downplay any PS3 related news that can vaguely be interpreted as positive. Seems like they are waiting for their XB360's to be repaired.

Grown Folks Talk5338d ago

it's common knowledge. anyone paying attention knew this a year ago.

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