UGO: Siren: Blood Curse Review

UGO writes: "Finally, the PlayStation 3 has a little survival horror under its belt. With upcoming big-budget titles like Silent Hill: Homecoming and Dead Space ambling in our direction, I think a number of us were surprised by the sudden arrival of Siren: Blood Curse on the PlayStation Network last week. This HD follow-up to its PS2 predecessors takes the same old horror mechanics that we're all familiar with and delivers them to players in an intriguing episodic format that just nails the feel of a serialized drama. Possibly to its fault.

The story in Siren: Blood Curse is a bit of a convoluted mess. Players start the adventure after a brief blurry live-action video that makes a number of scenes from Blair Witch seem like they were shot on a steadycam and in HD. I'm not entirely sure what it was that I saw, but thank goodness there was dialog that attempted to explain what was going on: a camera crew from the US came out to the remote, supposedly haunted, Japanese village of Hanuda to shoot a documentary. After arriving, they bear witness to some kind of ritual of sacrifice that leaves the party split up and in a town full of shibito--the wandering dead."

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Silogon4314d ago

This grade is not indicative of the actual game. This game is 10 fold better than any Resident Evil or Silent Hill ever made. These idiots just don't get it.

avacadosnorkel4314d ago

make a grown man think twice about running around Japan next time.

Baba19064314d ago

i love this game. i dont get this score.

avacadosnorkel4314d ago

Siren is more creepy than Resident Evil 5.

Even when I got the kitchen knife I still don't feel safe.

Dir_en_grey4314d ago

and I give this review an F!