UGO: NHL 09 Preview - Rocks the House

UGO writes: "We all know the juggernaut that is Madden 09. Last night in NYC, EA open the doors and let us get our hands on some of the other sports titles they got coming out. The line up is, as always it seems to be, excellent.

FIFA, a juggernaut in it's own right, boasts a new indepth tactics system that can be assigned to the d-pad and used for in-game adjustments. No more pausing and spending 5 minutes to change your teams style of play. Called "Custom Team Tactics," there are 150 different areas to fine tune for offensive style plays and 50 for defensive. The changes aren't immediate but over a period of time you'll see your team be more or less aggressive etc according to what you choose. This can mean the difference from winning or losing as it will take the opposing team time to adjust to what you are doing."

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