Fragile is the weirdest-looking Wii game you'll see today

Nintendo Wii Fanboy writes: "Tri-Crescendo's Fragile continues to impress visually, with amazingly moody environments and detailed character models. But, in addition to being impressed, we're also now ... confused? Intrigued? Amused? At least the new RPG succeeds in inspiring emotions.

What you see in the above image is Fragile's item shop. The item shop appears to be a person in a giant chicken head mask with one eye missing and a fancy suit with panda kneepads, rolling around a stroller full of junk. We understand that in a ruined world, the shop isn't going to be a fancy place with shiny new swords on display on the wall, and think the tattered, roving merchant is a good fit for that theme. But why the chicken head? Does he/she wear it for warmth?"

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jinn4361d ago

arent they all weird