The man who sold Minecraft to Microsoft for $2.5 billion reveals the empty side of success

It's the dream of many a startup founder: Make something people love and wind up wildly rich, selling the company for billions.

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Ashlen3014d ago

Disagree with this as much as you want.

But I feel like he should feel bad.

He pretty much created the inde movement he was already making enough money to live like a king, doing something that made millions of people happy but he sold it to the most corporate people on the planet from the most capitalist nation on the planet.

It was a huge disappointment, he could have had everything he wanted and stayed true to himself and the people who enjoyed Minecraft.

Anyone who says money can't buy happiness is an idiot but when you have enough for ten lifetimes getting enough for twenty doesn't matter.

I don't wish for anyone to be unhappy but if he is unhappy he's got no one to blame but himself.

nX3014d ago

He seems to be a little attention whore, I bet you he's not as sad as his Twitter suggests. I'd be the happiest man alive if I wouldn't have to worry about money.

alti3014d ago

what a fundamental misinterpretation of an actual emotion. Incredible. And what's worse is people overwhelmingly agree with you. I'll keep my vote to myself, because beyond this comment it shouldn't be worth acknowledging.

vickers5003014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Always curious when people say things like this what exactly they think this entails, always hear people saying, I'd switch with so and so (the so and so usually claiming to be an unhappy person), so and so is just ungrateful.

Do people imagine their current life + the money? Or do they truly mean they'd switch lives with that person if given the chance? Would you switch places with an insanely rich person if that meant you would also inheret all their psychological/emotional defects? Would you still switch with them if it was a guarantee that you eould be unhappy as they feel? I kind of feel like overpriveleged people get a bad rap, at least from some people. I know what you're thinking, boo-hoo right, they have money. Truth is though, money doesn't actually buy true happiness. It can buy temporary happiness in the form of material possesions, but that alone wouldn't make you truly happy, would it? If right now, hypothetically you as a poor person had a beautiful, loving girlfriend, or maybe a very caring family, would you switch lives with a millionaire who had none of those things? Money can get you a girlfriend and some mooch friends sure, but would those people even really be worth it? They'd only be with you for your money.

I'm not saying rich people have it worse than anyone, this is simply a question that's been on my mind because I always hear those with less use this complaint think that the other side must live blissful, problem free lives, without considering the fact that they're just humans, like you and me, and that financial privelege doesn't mean that they don't have every right to feel just as crappy as we do. I'll admit I'm guilty of this myself, I've said and thought the same thing of wealthy people before.I don't live in a wealthy family, we're maybe lower middle class.

Obviously there are certain cases where the answer to that question would be absofreakinglutely, like those whose lives are highly endangered every day just by living where they live or having as little as they have, but I'm not talking about those types of cases.

Dee_913014d ago

Yea, if he really felt that bad, most of that money would be with some charity by now, he could live a normal life if he wanted to

"The problem with getting everything is you run out of reasons to keep trying,"

Actually enjoying those things is far more enjoyable than working for those things.

"Hanging out in ibiza with a bunch of friends and partying with famous people, able to do whatever I want, and I've never felt more isolated."

Doesn't sound like a money issue to me, you could be hanging out in a trailer park and feel the same way.

"In sweden, I will sit around and wait for my friends with jobs and families to have time to do shit,"

If I had 2.5b my family and friends would not be working. They would have their own businesses by now or something, they sure as hell wouldn't be clocking in and answering to people on a 9 to 5.

"I would Musk and try to save the world, but that just exposes me to the same type of assholes that made me sell minecraft again."

At least he acknowledged he was an asshole. Somebody should show him all the people living paycheck to paycheck and barely getting by so he can feel even worse about complaining about having a lot of money..

He would feel the same way if there was no currency at all.

BeefCurtains3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

This guys is complaining to a poverty stricken, starving world about having too much money (statistically, it is sad how much of the world is starving). There's a lot of good he can do if he doesn't want the money for himself.

It just sounds like he needs a job or a hobby to me.

I loved his little jab about the "a-holes" that "made" him sell minecraft. What a clueless D-bag.

XBLSkull3014d ago

What a whiny butthole, "boo-hoo I have unlimited money." Go **** yourself, I'll trade you bank accounts if it'll make you feel better.

TWB3014d ago


Hold on... did you just make a fking case against the whole princible of gaming?

"Actually enjoying those things is far more enjoyable than working for those things"

Maybe my example is wrong but working for things is NOT enjoyable when the end results pay you satisfyingly? So all the unlockables, trophies/achievements and even chalenging boss fights should really be given to you because the reward itself is the thing that makes you feel good, not the strugle to get there? Not the sensation of victory but only the sensation of "gimme"?

This is a gaming site and I hope my example hits the string with most people here, but really?

"but its real life and the stuff you can buy with the money!"

So tell me now that you have a decent job (asuming you do to sustain a decent gaming) and can buy even as many as 20-30 games a year, do you enjoy/apprechiate every single of those 20-30 games as much as that ONE game you earned by doing your homework/chores when you were a kid? Or when you worked for small pocket money for one year for that new console?

I know that there has been a study that said that money = happiness only to a certain point, which is making around 100k a year but being super rich and never having to work for a thing ever again cant be a dream of any sane gamer. With 100k/year salary you can afford to take a week off if you want to go on a playing binge for a new (super expensive collectors edition) game if you so please, you dont need 2 billions.

Im not here to argue so Im not going to engage in a comment war. Just dropped a few important questions...

ChrisW3014d ago

In a couple years he'll be bankrupt and living in a shoddy apartment.

BoneApart3014d ago

Honestly man, you hit the nail on the head with being an attention whore.

This has nothing to do with having no empathy for the guy either. If he's sad and lonely and feels isolated, then he should put down his twitter and go be a volunteer fireman in his spare time.
Go help the homeless at a shelter.
Go think of new ideas for another video game.

Go build something in your life.

It's naive to overgeneralize the situation by saying "money can't buy you happiness".
He's a filthy rich, grown man. He can pave any path for himself that he'd like to at this point.

But instead, he takes to twitter about all of it.

elweon3014d ago

He traded money, fake girls and famous people for what is real in life.

Smart as he is, he'll see it soon enough.

dcbronco3014d ago

People are naive about what it means to suddenly have that much money. It does change things. You would think for the better but more often than not its for the worse. The people around you change. There is an expectation that you will now finance every harebrain scheme they can come up with. Even if you retired every person you knew before the money and made them rich many would feel you didn't give them enough. You could give them each five million and they would expect more. Simply because you have more. And many will stop seeing you as their friend and start looking at you as a continuous opportunity. Family will too. And family will come out of the woodwork. As well as strangers. You can't imagine the number of hands that come out for a upper middle class family so his harassment must be off the charts. Your phone would ring nonstop from people asking for donations. That's for a normal person.

He sounds materialistic anyway so that makes the problem worse. Even if I came into that type of money I wouldn't waste it on 70 million dollar homes. No house is worth that. Damn you Oprah. What he needs is a job. He is obviously a one hit wonder because if he had more he would be working on it. Financing is no longer a issue. I would have ten other projects going and wouldn't have time to wait on friends because I would already be too busy. I'd vacation a total month out of the year and huge parties would be extremely rare since I prefer a small group anyway. Who the hell needs an entourage anyway. Much of life is easily enjoyable by yourself. I've never understood why people need someone to go with them to a movie or dinner. If it's what you want to do then just do it.

Lastly I'm not a fan of any of the religious books but they are right on certain issues. One of the big ones is love of money being the root of all evil. It changes people.

Army_of_Darkness3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Go cry a f#*king River... Gezz..
Donate to a charity, help your friends and family,develop a new studio and ip, drink, socialize and party hard and stop being a rich, selfish, stingy little cry baby...
If he lived in the shoes of the less fortunate, he wouldn't be seeking this type of attention.
Everyone has some type of physiological and emotional issues, but the thing here is that it wouldn't be as bad if I had plenty of money to go with it rather than nothing.

antz11043014d ago

Anyone else put this guy's story to NIN "Hurt"?

Lol sorry, with that many zeroes at the end of his bank account the f$cks I might have given are all out.

christian hour3014d ago

Everyone here is pretty damn ignorant. I'm poor as shit but even I know the guy is in misery, money aint gonna do shit, and who say's he hasn't already donated a shit load to charity?

The guy is a socially anxious, depressed introvert. No amount of money will ever change that for him. And I'm sure sometimes he thought it would. I know sometimes I think if I had more money than sense, maybe I wouldn't be depressed anymore, maybe I wouldn't be a socially awkward dumb ass and maybe I wouldn't be so introverted (although I pride myself on introvertion). Then I remember, oh wait, this is life, money aint gonna fix SHIT. Just cause more shit!

Bring on the disagrees.

Death3014d ago

Donate the money to charity where it will do some good. Then go get a job and struggle like the rest of us. Problem solved.

EjWarrior3013d ago

money don't make you happy,just your life become easier!!

Dee_913013d ago

wth are you even talking about? Your example is wrong and completely irrelevant. If you think unlocking stuff in a video game is the same as clocking in and out of a job then you must not actually have a job.

All of your questions are stupid. People work for money to buy things, they don't work to enjoy those things more.

UltraNova3013d ago

1. Raise a homeless shelter and fund it.
2. Create an new studio and try making the next big thing. That will keep you busy and fill your empty and meaningless life.
3. StFU. Stop crying like a mamas boy like those sad sobs on TV, man up dude.

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scark923014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I agree, he felt as if he would be happy with the decisions he made but got lost somewhere afterwords, his fault, nobody elses.

camel_toad3014d ago

It's true he has no one to blame but himself but in all fairness I doubt anyone in his shoes could have turned down that much money.

joab7773014d ago

Yeah. I'm not crying for him at all. But not b/c he sold it. I would have too. 2.5 billion. Are you kidding me? I can only begin to imagine the things I could do with that much money. First, I would NEVER spend 75 million on a mansion. I would create a company, put ppl to work. Dive into whatever I am passionate about, work on the next Minecraft. We all know that creating something like Minecraft is a 1/billion chance. Up the challenge, b/c it's 100 harder to do it twice.

Then I'd dedicate at least half my time with my own charity, helping vets, homeless ppl, homeless vets hooked on drugs etc. How many ppl are afforded the opportunity to spend their lives and fortunes helping others? Very few. So get your lazy ass off the couch, stop whining about some girl, forget about the Minecraft deal and go do something with your life.

Let Jay-z have the mansion. Lord knows he will will never spend any time or money on anyone.

Mrveryodd3014d ago

Totally agree , Bill Gates comes to mind , that dude has given away more than 2.5 billion.

HighResHero3014d ago

I agree with a lot of what you're saying.
I don't hear Zuckerberg, Gates, etc. complaining. They seem to be too busy realizing other aspirations. There are plenty of things to work towards no matter how much money you have.
This guy probably wouldn't be happy either way and may be using his money as an excuse to avoid doing the hard work necessary to break free of whatever is causing his depression.

Master of Unlocking3013d ago

Who's Jay-Z? Is he really that selfish?

What you said before that is, at best, wishful thinking I'm afraid to say. Everybody always say things like that BEFORE they get rich, but once they are, all the firm promises to help the poor & the starving and make huge donations to charities and create companies to give people jobs and whatnot tend to fade away pretty quickly, and the money is rather invested to buy luxury houses and cars and expensive paintings and in the stock exchange to try and become even richer. I'm sorry, this is the simple truth. Truth be told, we live in a largely selfish world, and given that the rich have never been so rich in spite of the fact that we live in an era when there has never been so many poor people, if the rich actually did what they often say they will do if/when they become rich, there simply wouldn't be as many poor people in this world as there are right now.

BeefCurtains3014d ago

Maybe Money can't buy happiness, but it can rent it for a while. LOL

zidane13413014d ago

"most corporate people on the planet from the most capitalist nation on the planet. "

Hahahahaha what are you, 12? What a f'ing joke. Grow up and realize there are bigger things in the world then a petty video game competition, you child.