UGO Live from QuakeCon: Wolfenstein Impressions

UGO writes: "Activision wasn't quite ready to show off the new Wolfenstein by Raven and id Software at this year's E3, but here at Quakecon, that's changed. The game's live, the game's real, and from what I've seen of it in action, it looks like a worthy contender for one of the best games of either this year or next - depending, of course, on how you want to interpret the official "when it's done" release date.

The Wolfenstein franchise started way back in 1992 with Wolfenstein 3-D, one of the most impressive-looking games made until that point and the game that really got the first person shooter genre going. Sure, id Software technically had another game before it, and DOOM which followed was a lot more popular, but it was Wolf3D that really gave id the direction they knew they needed to take for years to come. And it's worked, with a string of excellent first-person hits. And now, with developer Raven Software's help, they'll be reviving the franchise for a second time to create something utterly unique."

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