UGO: 1942: Joint Strike Review

UGO writes: "Back in the golden age of arcade parlors, a time when the Nathan's Game Room still functioned as a sort of analog social networking service, Capcom had a little coin-op quarter sucker called 1942. It was a top-down vertical shooter in which one or two players piloted fighter planes through the Pacific theater of World War II. The game saw four follow-ups before the end of the millennium, but only scattered ports have emerged since then. Until now: welcome to a newly steampunk'd World War II, as envisioned by Backbone Entertainment in 1942: Joint Strike.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that 1942: Joint Strike is an enhanced remake just because it's a classic arcade game which is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network. Yes, the visuals have been souped up for hi-def displays. Yes, the core gameplay remains the same (or at least similar). But 1942: Joint Strike is really a sequel, further iterating on gameplay mechanics which have been improved to varying degrees with each successive release in the series."

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