PALGN: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Preview

PALGN writes: "While there haven't been a lot of open-ended racing games this generation so far, Rockstar are looking to turn this around with the revival of their Midnight Club franchise. It has been a while since we've actually seen their latest game, Midnight Club: Los Angeles (almost a year in fact). As we have previously mentioned, MC was one of the few racing franchises to have left the last generation with a decent reputation intact. And now that we've had a chance to actually play the game, we are hopeful that this will continue.

MC:LA offers a robust selection of open-ended races and challenges as well as a plethora of customisation options, wrapped around a story/career mode. However, rather than being forced to troll through menus to get through the different races, MC:LA aims to consistently keep the player in the game, either in races or just cruising around a fairly faithfully recreated Los Angeles. While we didn't get to see it, we're told that a similar philosophy will apply to the multiplayer. That is, less menus and more action."

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bluecapone4314d ago

best arcade racer on consoles

nos4speed4314d ago

Ill finally have a game with decent customization options, NFS and Juiced just fail when compared with Midnight club