Feature: Blu-ray: Frequently Asked Questions

With Blu-ray movies and players beginning to line store shelves in mass quantities, now is a good time for a primer to the Blu-ray Disc format, one of the two HD optical formats looking for a place of prominence in living rooms around the world...

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Maddens Raiders4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

dorky, but it's good for the favorites - ya know...

untouchable4351d ago

How many of these do we need? We know what the blu-ray player does. Thats all we need to know

UrbanJabroni4350d ago

I just realized how the movie release TV adds must come across to the average, uninformed citizen.

"Available Now on DVD, Blu-Ray and UMD" is how many of the Sony-Columbia/Tristar releases end.

To me, this makes it seem like the three formats are just different "formats" of a DVD. Joe Walmart says "I have a DVD, so that is the format for me."

To reach a bigger audience they need to change it to

"Available now on DVD, next-generation High Definition Blu Ray disks and UMDs for the psp."

Just give people a little reminder that BluRay is in some way different than a DVD.

kornbeaner4350d ago

I agree with you. the average consumer, not knowing will think that all three formats might be playable on the same machine.

Rooted_Dust4350d ago

They need to make a player capable of handling all formats. Who wants a machine that can only play 1/2 of all movies.

calderra4350d ago

Q: "Why do BluRay movies look and sound consistently worse than their HD-DVD counterparts?"
A: "Due to the (rather poor) use of MPEG-2 and audio licensing issues."

Q: "Why do BluRay players consintently cost 2x as much as their HD-DVD counterparts?"
A: "Due to supply issues with BluRay diodes, mostly. That's also the reason for much of the supply shortages."

Q: "Why has BluRay sold 1/10th of what HD-DVD has in terms of hardware?"
A: "See above."

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