Here’s How Many Create-a-Superstar/Diva save slots are in WWE2K16

One the most popular features (If not the most) in WWE games, is the ability to create your own male and female superstars. From WWE versions of themselves to comic book characters, the most creative of fans will spend countless hours making a plethora of created wrestlers to show to their friends and the rest of the world. Unfortunately last year’s iteration only featured 25 character save slots, much to the disappointment of many.

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dreadz742126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

heck ya 100 caw spots wow plus 120 person roster Day one buy !!!

TheJacksonRGN2126d ago

Same here. Growing more excited as time passes.

Twinblade2125d ago

If the grappling congrols are still the same as the past games, no buy for me.

dreadz742125d ago

The controls are good you just suck. The have reworked the control anyway new submissions and new pin controls .

TeamLeaptrade2125d ago

Nice, glad to hear we get 100 save slots. I wouldn't be using it for my own created wrestlers, but more so for the downloaded created wrestlers.