Here’s How Project Morpheus Actually Feels – A Hands-On [Power Leveled]

Stepping ahead in the technology sector, Sony is separating itself from the competition with a new virtual reality headset. Available for play testing at PAX Prime 2015, we’ve had a hands-on with the cutting edge hardware and we can sum it up with one very important sentence. Project Morpheus is a better and more immersive experience than Oculus Rift.

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ROQFrost1241d ago

I can wait to utilize this tech on my ps4.

VforVideogames1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Some how am leaning more towards Microsoft's Hololens just imagine opening the door in your house and a zombie jumps at you or playing an rpg on your tv and a dragon pops from behind the tv, now that's a real gamming experience.

Repjaws1241d ago

While that would be awesome,someone could get a heart attack from it and MS doesn't want that kinda bad rep for their product.

Thatguy-3101241d ago

Haha if you think that's possible with hololends. Not happening any time soon dude.

DigitalRaptor1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

You are dreaming here. Truly dreaming. Plus, I think most people out there want to choose when to play games. I don't see a scenario when someone would be walking around their house wearing a HoloLens headset mostly for non-gaming activities, and want to experience the effects of cardiac arrest, or spill the plate of dinner they're carrying into the living room because of something popping out at them.

Additionally, the limited FOV wouldn't allow for a convincing dragon popping from behind your screen anyway. The dragon would also be tiny, when in the game it's supposed to be bigger than buildings. I think distractions like that would take you out of the game, than immerse you more.

Technology such as Project Morpheus allows for greater presence and immersion in a game world, with the added context of what is actually going on on screen, and dragons being relative size to your player character, rather than TV-sized, which is laughable.

chrisco84au1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Hopefully they make a green lens tinted one for you.

Imagine being able to float in the cloud..........

Now that's a real gamming, I mean gaming experience.

MainstreamGamer1240d ago

I remember hearing about that kind of enthusiasm when kinect was shown off too and look how that thing turned out. So I would keep my expectations in check when it comes to Microsoft's gaming peripherals.

S2Killinit1238d ago

problem with hololens is that you are limited to one room in your house. Only so much can happen in one room. The hololen's applicability has more to do with combating Google's eyeglass (or whatever it was) than for playing games I think.

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Stevefantisy1241d ago

I thought it was very comfortable and light weight.

Magnus7011241d ago

This makes me want a ps4

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GNCFLYER1241d ago

So far 1/3 through this gen there are 25 million potential customers. I'll buy one. I'm buying this first then either oculus or vive..

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