Sony Australia: Microsoft "Cannot Hold A Release Schedule Close to Ours"

Endsights writes:

"The never-ending parade of corporate smack talk continues between Sony and Microsoft. Speaking to GameSpot Australia, Michael Ephraim, head of Sony Australia, told the site that Microsoft "cannot hold up a release schedule close to ours."

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aggh im on fire4361d ago

Yeah right ha ha. I love it when the sony and ms they talk garbage.

kwicksandz4360d ago

One look at the Aus PSN store and we see just how great your release shedule is ROFL. but im sure we will get persona 3 PES one day HAHA


It seems that honour and dignity have gone out the window lately regarding Sony and Microsoft.

Next week i expect Jack Tretton and Shane Kim to have a public 'dissing' match in an eminem stylee with Reggie from Nintendo on the wheels of steel........

thewesker4361d ago


i hate you and love you all at the same time

running rampid4361d ago

lol dude that would be kickass if a rep from MSFT, SONY AND NINTENDO have a public rap battle.

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dachiefsman4361d ago

"The Almighty says this must be a fashionable fight. It's drawn the finest people!"


Ring announcer : "Todays match is a hardcore match,a pin or submission will decide the victor - and our special guest referees are Peter Moore and Phil Harrison."

Que Peter Moore riding into the arena on a harley like The Undertaker and Phil Harrisson giving the 'v' sign to everyone before taking down the announcer with a 'stone cold stunner'............

Xi4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

and Sony can't keep to a release schedule.

(fyi, just a joke)

beoulve4361d ago

better than no schedule

UnSelf4361d ago

u wanna hear a low blow?

gettin head from a midget

supahbad4361d ago

whoa what the hell is up with these comments, hillair

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The story is too old to be commented.