DKS1373: New FFXIII, Versus and Agito Trailers Tomorrow Tomorrow (or today in Japan) is a rare opportunity for Japanese fans and bloggers who will be flooding towards Tokyo. Finally, Square-Enix has decided to show them something new.

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Light Yagami4325d ago

Awesome. Can't wait. I want to see more of Versus. Hopefully some gameplay.

Viktor E4325d ago

So he'll definitely introduce the Ps3 version of FF13,I'm sure of it.

theusedfake4325d ago

I hope the info/trailers just completely
blow us away, i'm really looking
forward to both (versus more though)

Bill Gates4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I'm really beginning to suspect that the announcement that FF13 was coming to the 360 was all just a hype plot on M$'s part to keep the BABOONS happy because they know that the 360 is on its DEATH BED.

M$- Hey Square, will you take these few millions if you just come on our stage at E3 2008, and announce that FF13 is coming to the 360?

Square- What are you fu<king insane?

M$- No seriously, we need this. Please help us. You have to help us. You know we helped you make a few millions off of our BABOONS for sending those crap idea for games onto the 360.

Square- Alright fu<k it we'll do it. I'm sure no one intelligent and in their right mind will even think it's actually going to happen. But after this sh!t M$, you better believe that we're through, you got that?

M$- Yeah, yeah, sure whatever.

*M$, sigh of relief.
*The BABOONS by into the hype.
*In the coming months Square announces they're canceling FF13 on the 360 due to compression issues.

....And the BABOONS then FU<KED over....AGAIN.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4325d ago

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| Version;)

xBox 360 Version??? Hmm...16 DVD's...8 xBox 360's to play it to the end!!! ;-D (i.e RRoD again and again!!!)...6 Houses to own!!! ;-D (i.e the xBox 360 burning down your house!!!)...Ear plugs to buy(It's SOOOOOOOO Noisy,it's like being on a Airport Runway!!!) ;-D


B-Rein4325d ago

as much of a fan i was of Square enix, i just cant trust em anymore i bet itll be more xbox 360 exclusives, multipat and ds wii games..... sorry guys just lost hope with this company.....sigh.... all those SE games i collected..

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Forbidden_Darkness4325d ago

Its the PS3's turn to shine ;)

cahill4325d ago

the squenix event will start in 12 hours from now

chaosatom4325d ago

They could have just said that its coming to xbox.

Booourns4325d ago

@ cahill

We could only hope for a FFVII remake or even a true sequel for that matter but a remake will be so full of win. Sony will sell a bunch of PS3's if that happened

meepmoopmeep4325d ago

whoever gets FFVII will win Japan.

going once, going twice, sold to...

iamtehpwn4325d ago

What they showed was neither the PS3 version nor the 360 version. As Kitase said, Final Fantasy XIII is being developed with Crystal Tools, a PC-based tool, much like Devil May cry 4 development technique. The game is then ported to Ps3 and 360.

but, Don't get your hopes up people, we won't see these trailers until Next year. The one at the Microsoft press conference was one from WAY back in 2007 that we never saw, and exclusive to Jump Festa.

juuken4325d ago

I can't wait.

NO_PUDding4325d ago

After what has been said, I am decidedly unexcited about XIII still, but an action game like Versus will always appeal to me. I thoguht that was also a stupid JRPG

SixTwoTwo4325d ago

what sucks is they're probably not going to release any footage. sqex always does these lame private showings.

Panthers4325d ago

It may be developed on the PC, but the tools are probably built for the PS3, because they are not releasing this game for PC and it is coming out for PS3 first.

iamtehpwn4325d ago

Crystal Tools is multiplatform. Has been since it's beginning with the development. You guys are disagreeing with me, but since none of you are developers (Nor do you READ you just react based on your Fanboy impulses), FFXIII will first be developed on PC with Crystal tools.

That does NOT mean it is coming to PC, it's saying that's it's beginning. There currently is No Build for either PS3 or 360. It's a Development Technique used for MANY multiplatform games.

But No...If you guys got your heads out of assholes of your Gaming Machines... yeessh. It's a Fact. Kitase even said it. =P

Mr Fancy Pants4325d ago

please god, no FFVII remake! we do not need it!

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Omega44325d ago

I got a strange feeling these wont be new trailers rather just extensions of the old one.

But hopefully these will be released to the public and in HD (just once could they please release their trailers in HD)

TheColbertinator4325d ago

I think they said there is no photography so there might not be any trailers released.

Viktor E4325d ago

Since Square said they're working on the Ps3 version and are porting the code to the Xbox 360 a Year afterwards,I expect the new footage to show fully uncompressed HD visuals of the Ps3 version(1080p probably).

The_Firestarter4325d ago

I thought Agito was cancelled...

V_Ben4325d ago

Nobody knows what's been cancelled (except squeenix)

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