Dragon's Lair remastered in HD

Digital Leisure has announced the development of Dragon's Lair HD, for release this autumn for the PC.

Digital Leisure says it has gone back to the drawing board, taking the Dragon's Lair master from the Technicolor vaults, cleaning it, and then using the most sophisticated film transfer equipment to make an all new HD capture of the classic game.

OutLaw6376d ago

You know that Space Ace is probably next to be remastered in HD. Now give me My Willy Beamish. So I could feel young again.


Space Ace And Dragons Lair Get Replicade Cabinets

This is a Retro Cabinet that brings back memories of lots of quarters wasted in frustration. New Wave is thrilled to announce that Cinematronics’ 1983 arcade hit Space Ace is joining the company’s line of fully playable 1/6-scale RepliCade mini arcade cabinet replicas.


4 Upcoming Indie Video Game Movies

Indie video game movies might be a tough sell, but with the most recent releases of Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, perhaps they can work.

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1292d ago
Nacho_Z1292d ago

Firewatch could be cool, they could get the voice actor to play the role easily enough, Rich Sommer is it? Doesn't sound like it's happening though. Shame the devs next game disappeared when they got bought and dissolved, it looked good.


RepliCade Miniature Arcade Machines Interview With New Wave Toys Founder Shilo Prychak

Recreate classic video arcade ambiance in your own home for a fraction of the cost of full sized, vintage arcade cabinets, each fully playable and officially licensed by the original manufactures.

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