IGN UK: Killzone 2 Opinions

A lot has been said about Killzone 2, even though little has been shown of it. Many regard it as the saviour of the shooter genre while others are less generous with their praise. It's even divided opinion in the IGN UK office with the team's two first-person purists disagreeing with one another after playing through the latest E3 build. Here's what they had to say.

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TheHater4327d ago

Do you know what I find funny. IGN was the onces hyping up the original Killzone as the Halo killer. But now all the blame is being place on the Sony Fanboy, when everyone should blame IGN for it. Don't get me wrong, IGN is my favorite gaming website, but it unfair to play other for what they have done.

Fishy Fingers4327d ago

EDGE magazine are to blame for the "halo killer" remark. It was on their Killzone 1 cover story.

TheHater4327d ago

I never heard of EDGE until 2 years ago. Before, I use to go to gamespot and IGN for all my gaming information. But I clearly remember IGN hyping this game up to be the Halo killer. If EDGE did it first, then they need to be blame also instead ot shifting all the blame to the Sony fanboys

Orange4327d ago

"with every unveil met with a string of 'zOMG, teh best game EVA' missives from all corners"

i have to disagree. kotaku rarely posts on it anymore, with no "hands-on" preview during E3. you kinda have to search out info. the game sites seem a little burned out on it. can't say i blame them after 3 E3s.

still, i hope with 6 more months, i hope they polish it to a shine and knock it out of the park. they should set a level inside a disco. "you want color? here's some color."

rexor07174327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

I don't care what they think, I follow the US people.

Violater4327d ago

I am getting tired of the "Gears of War is the end all be all" sentiment.
If they put gears under the same microscope as they do KZ2 or R2 they would see that nothing looks good up that close.

mfwahwah4327d ago

I am sick and tired of people ragging on KZ2 for the same reasons they praise other games. Linearity especially (don't think it was mentioned here, but it often is), since MGS4 and CoD4 are both pretty damn linear and look at their scores.

KZ2 didn't hype itself up to be the greatest game ever, they just wanted to finish what they started on the PS2, and make it visually stunning. So far they've done the latter. The former, I'm confident about.

I would stop reading these articles, but I just want to know EVERYTHING about KZ2... :'(

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Viktor E4327d ago

Sounds like a AAA game already

CViper4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

He points out that the things that killzone2 does, have been done in other games and given a complete pass. But for some reason, people are expecting this game to be the second coming? Who exactly is that?

Because I know that KZ2 is going to be a generic shooter, like COD4/Resistance/Hl2/Crysis that i've played in the past. I just say generic because the FPS market is tapped out of ideas, it cant really innovate anything that we haven't seen in PC days of gaming, or early console gaming. The only place the FPS can improve, is visuals, scale, sound design, and production values. Which no one can take away from KZ2.

People can complain about dumb AI all they want, but those exact instances of oblivious enemies pointed out in KZ2 have all happened in Halo3/COD4/Crysis. Most of the time, humans are smarter than A.I. Yes there are moments when the AI is stupid, but thats just gaming. Hell there are times in MP where people are stupid and ignore you until you headshot them. And from all of the videos we have seen, there is nothing the AI does or doesn't do in killzone, that I haven't played or seen in some of our top rated FPS's.

Bravo Alex. Thats a gamer right there. One that doesn't point out that 'BU HBUH KILLZONE IS GREY" while Gears Of War was the same lack of color, and was praised.

We are getting to the end of this BS ride this gen. Thank god.

King_many_layers4327d ago

I completely agree with you.

I really don't get what he expected from Killzone 2. The trailer shown at E305 showed fantastic visual flare and shooting. So as far as I can see the target showed me that they were targetting for a realisitc, dark and gritty FPS. No revolution, just great fun shooting.

What on earth did he expect ??

CViper4327d ago

Thats the only way I can rationalize the hate against everything related to the PS3. I mean remember, the PS2 was supposed to run Toy Story real time? Anyone remember that? PR is just PR.

Some how Sony always gets the spotlight for questions of innovation, while everyone else gets away without doing it.

meepmoopmeep4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

i totally agree.

i have no clue who started the FUD that Killzone 2 would re-invent the wheel for FPS or be the second coming.
Singling out KZ2 to be the one to sprout out innovation, wow.

FPS games are out of ideas. period.

it's a shame that journalists are thinking this way because this will affect their overall judgment of the game.

CViper4327d ago

You cant play a game with those questions in your head. The question of "Wait, have I seen this before?" Because all games would instantly be flops if you did this. But it definitely is a focus on this title.

The entire reason for all of the ridiculous nitpicking with Killzone2 is the CGI trailer. Everyone was soooo excited to shoot down GG and laugh at how impossible it would be. Then BAM, the game looks amazing. After that, they already wrote this game off, so they had to find something else wrong with the game. And now we are here. Complaining about innovation on a FPS title, color pallete, AI, ... amazingly retarded.

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-4327d ago

Well said Meep...well said...

TheExecutive4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

yep, there will be people who just hate this game no matter what. I cant understand at what point a FPS wartime shooter becomes innovative.

ALMOST all of the previews say it does everything very well. The multiplayer looks very cool, the single player looks intense. I dont understand all of the controversy.

Well, yes I do. If this game was being produced by anyone other than GG and being published by anyone else than SONY this game would be the "bees Knees". PERIOD.

None of this conversation would be going on with the fervor it has right now. there may be some criticism, but nothing like this. for a game that isnt coming out for six months and a build that they are playing from months ago, Mr. Robinson is overly harsh. Its complete crap and I am sick of hearing it.

Here is a little advice:

Look at the game for what it is. Quit with this E3 05 bs and look at it today for what it is. This guy is playing what I would consider an alpha build and he has the gumption to rip it to peices like its the final product of something. Give me a break.

Shane Kim4327d ago

I don't want to sound like a fanboy (even if I'm making an ass out of myself in the open zone) but It has to do something with this being PS3 exclusive. That's what I think anyway.

mfwahwah4327d ago

It's actually a pre-alpha build, since all the gameplay videos have that tacked up on top.

I do agree with the posts in here though. GG wanted to make KZ2 what KZ should have been, not some over-the-top revolutionary game. Heavy Rain for example, is claiming to be revolutionary, so go rag on that for it's minor problems when it's shown. KZ2 promised to be visually stunning and a solid shooter.

Was that promise broken? Absolutely not as far as we all know.

SlyGuy4327d ago

complaining about the AI is an extremely stupid argument.

I recently read a post on N4G showing off how good the AI is going to be. They were explaining that they dumbed down the AI for persons to progress through the stage so they can see everything. DUH!

I still cannot believe how people look to nitpick this game so much.

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silverchode4327d ago

the second coming is gow3.

orakga4327d ago

... was the second coming.

The third coming is its Trophy patch.


zapass4327d ago

"this game is not good cuz that pixel right here is too grey"

jealous biotches whiiiiiiiiiine and drooooooooool