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A portion of a WiiWare World review..... As children many of us will have spent several lazy afternoons watching old cowboy flicks and it's almost criminal that this classic Hollywood genre hasn't been granted a decent videogame adapation for some time. Last generation's GUN was a modestly successful representation of the movies but the focus on adventure meant it lacked the all-important gun-slinging. Right up until this day the closest thing we've come to being in a real cowboy gun fight is Wild Gunman on the NES. Is Wild West Guns, an on-the-rails light-gun game set to change all that?

Wild West Guns does exactly what the title suggests. The game has you travelling around stereotypical environments taking down bandits and shooting targets. The heart of the game's personality comes from the way it exaggerates well known clichés. You'll be asked to tackle tyrants on a speeding train, beer-drenched bandits in a saloon and will even take on a shootout in the cemetery. The characters and environments are all presented in a sharp and vibrant cel-shaded skin to boot.

Wild West Guns has two main modes: a single player mode having you tackle six different levels alone, or, a multiplayer mode where you play with a friend either co-operatively or against each other. There are six different levels to tackle and all of which are divided into three parts. Completing these six levels will reward you with a "Hard" mode which is essentially the same single player experience all over again but with the difficulty levels raised....

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