PSBeyond Predicts: What to Expect in Resident Evil 5

PSBeyond writes: So with Resident Evil 5 receiving a steady dose of media coverage in its run up to release, taking with it an armful of awards from this year's E3. We take a look at what has made the franchise stand out from the crowd over the years, and try to conjure an image of what we can expect more of in its newest outing...

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Silogon4327d ago

What to expect in Resident Evil 5

- No scares
- Stupid AI
- Cumbersome gameplay
- Stiff Animations
- Sort gameplay length
- Shallow co op mode
- Busting open crates with knives
- Idiotic trolls that don't fit into the game or giant fish
- A lab where it all went wrong
- Horrible dialogue
- Terrible story
- Abysmal, uninteresting, characters

and I can go on and on and on. RE5 looks like jokes.