Toukiden Series To Be “Expanded” In The Future, Publisher Reveals

Koei Tecmo confirmed today that the Toukiden series is going to be "expanded" in the future

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KryptoniteTail1145d ago

It was decent. I would maybe try again on Vita.

Hoffmann1145d ago

Good news, the Playstation 3 Toukiden is awesome

MilkMan1145d ago

I loved it for PS4. Id like to see more of it AND expanded.

TomatoDragon1145d ago

Put about 100 hours into the Vita version. Really enjoyed.

SweatyFlorida1145d ago

The monsters/enemies just need to be a bit more active, they seem a bit static a lot of the times. Not saying they should move between zones if they don't already, but at least a bit more mobile, from what I played anyways.

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