What Is Microsoft So Afraid Of?

ABC News Writes: "It is hardly news when the Redmond software giant behaves a little oddly. But usually that behavior takes the form of bullying competitors or the self-delusion of believing that it is a major technology innovator.

But Microsoft's unusual behavior over the last few weeks has taken a different form: for the first time, perhaps since the Netscape threat arose in the early 1990s, Microsoft is acting scared."

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Viktor E3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

The Ps2,seeing as how they both utilize DVD,both don't have Wi-Fi,both are outdated,and the Ps2 is outselling the Xbox 360 worldwide.

Hydrolex3820d ago

I'm afirad of RROD. OMG that's scary

Zerodin3820d ago

They're afraid of Ted Koppel. The one true constant in the universe.

Thoas3820d ago

Ain't no such thing as a halfway crook, M$ is shook!

AngryTypingGuy3820d ago

It's hard to see why MS would be afraid of Sony. After all, we all know that the 360 is the one that actually making a profit. :-D

Tmac3820d ago

Of course you'd get some money back if you stick crap in a box and people buy it LOL.

Pain3820d ago

Number 1 reason , APPLE
Number 2 reason , Sony Playstation 3

thats all.

OSIRUSSS3820d ago

"Ain't no such thing as a halfway crook, M$ is shook! "

WOW!!! MS fears Mobb Deep!!!

t-0_ot-3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Hmm, so the 360 is crap? Yet, that "crap" puts out games that rival the best of the PS3's games. Yet, this "crap" out performs the Ps3 multi-plat games. Yet, this "crap" has the best online experience.

Yea, the 360 is "crap." t-0_ot-

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Alexander Roy3820d ago

Afraid? Recently? I think they act that way since Bill Gates announced he would leave.

meepmoopmeep3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Bill Gates was the only good thing MS ever had in regards to people and products. IMO.

I hope he does well with his quest to make the world better.

all we hear are high profile execs jumping ship left and right. new products being failures. something bad must be going on down there.

KingME3820d ago

I think they are getting that way because every time they act like bullies. Crybaby a$$ companies get together and file whiny little lawsuits and cry because they can't compete.

Not the minute they take a more conservative stance, you call them scared.

ABC, Go to hell, and get back to covering news that people actually care about.

mfwahwah3820d ago

The article made it clear that that isn't the case. It's showing that MS has more competition than it's ever had, and there is no talk of lawsuits. I really don't see where you're coming from with this.

Idonthatejustcreate3819d ago

M$ year profit has sunk below standard as they spend too much money on bad deals. FFXIII multiplat, Vista "It doesn't suck parade", and more.

They have to slow down but they can't because if they do Sony, Nintendo, google and other companys will take thier place.

M$ has droped the ball yet again and im surprised it takes so god damn long for folks to realise it...

xhairs93819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

This article is BS. How can you trust this PS3 loving website BS!!!!!!! Where's my POG? :'()

Beyond the sarcasm: I recently was working on a website for my company in Flash CS3. When I realized (my PC is built for gaming and is above average standards by...a lot) it was telling me I didn't have enough memory. I had 2GB of RAM so I was curious why it was telling me that. When I looked up the Error on the Adobe servers it told me that this Error is RARE on average home desktops. Average? Not quite. It wasn't until I upgraded to 4GB of RAM and cut the file size down by 50% that it finally compiled correctly.

You might be asking that "oh the file was too huge" Incorrect. 4GB of RAM is WAY more than enough to do anything on any computer - simply put, "a waste of money". However with Windows Vista stealing so much resource and so much memory leakage that you have no choice but to upgrade, upgrade, and upgrade some more. That's why I say: Vista, You suck balls.

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Viktor E3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

These are all companies that keep Shane Kim and Steve Ballmer awake at Night.

Not to forget,the ol chief o smug Mr.Don Mattrick as well.

Viktor E3820d ago

I heard Kaz Hirai was the reason why Bill Gates quit

GameDev3820d ago

ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, what exactly has Ms EVER innovated??

a crappy last gen console?

a failed personal music player?

they embarrass america.

t-0_ot-3820d ago

Now... List the Sony failures.