Out of Eight Reviews: Full Metal Soccer

Out of Eight Writes: "Just like normal soccer, the object of the Full Metal version is to get the ball into the net. Since you have a tank at your disposal, your options are increased. Your armored vehicle is equipped with a cannon for shooting opponents (which both damages and slows them down) or the ball itself, a tractor beam for collecting the ball, a speed booster, and a front bumper to hold the ball and ram people. It takes a lot of shots to completely destroy an opponent, which I suppose is meant to balance the game and not lead to a lot of wide-open scoring. You do much more damage simply running into them, so games can quickly devolve into a rugby scrum as everyone piles on other tanks near the ball's current location. The lack of options in Full Metal Soccer comes up again, since the tanks do not have any other weapons other than the basic cannon and the title lacks power-ups or collectible bonuses of any kind. Because of this, the games are actually quite routine and not terribly different from "normal" soccer matches, albeit with more shooting."

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