Gamer 2.0: Dead Space Hands-On

"Distress calls from wayward ships lost in the voids that dominate space are all too common in the psychological thriller sub-genre of science fiction. But with little regard for possible perceptions of Dead Space as a third person shooter lacking originality, Electronic Arts is embracing the familiar. That is the immediate response to Dead Space, which we saw at Wednesday's EA Winter Preview event in New York City.

Dead Space takes place 500 years in the future after mankind has exhausted its resources and must mine the galaxy in search of the things that were once so abundant, but neglected, on Earth. At first glance Dead Space hits you as a beautifully conceptualized game, and its somewhat cliché narrative roots are easily overlooked once you man the controls."

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Gammbit4394d ago

I was actually really impressed with this title. The variety of weapons and enemies makes it fun as hell, and the graphics kind of impressed me. Also, he did say there would be crazy psychological elements to the horror story. Sweet.

CrashSpyro1234394d ago

Dead Space seems to be shaping up quite nicely as development nears its end. It could be one of the big games of the fall.

FilippoDinolfo4393d ago

You know, Dead Space is the sort of game that you wouldn't expect to come from EA. I'm glad they've started to broaden their horizons and not just relase the same stuff over and over.