Logitech G Introduces New Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headphones

EB: Logitech has announced two new gaming headsets from its Logitech G line of high performance gaming peripherals called the G933 and G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headsets. Each are the first to offer gamers both Dolby and DTS Headphone:X surround sound options, and also support 7.1 surround like similarly priced cans from other manufacturers.

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Somebody1479d ago

It has some interesting features but also some that are not. What's up with the RGB lights and backlit panels? They only will make me glow like some alien astronaut in a dark room while unnecessarily draining the battery on the wireless headset

Bleucrunch1479d ago

I agree and unnecessary feature that is more of a gimmick to justify the price of that wireless model. I'd too prefer the wireless model I do not mind having a wired connection so long as they cable has enough slack.

porkChop1479d ago

Umm... I thought Logitech changed their name to Logi? That was only like a month ago. Are they back to Logitech already?

_LarZen_1479d ago

It's to bad the surround sound feature won't work if you use them on a console.

NerveGearneeded1478d ago

these look as insubstantial as the g930. I broke my pair on the rightside, plastic sucks.