GameSpot: PixelJunk Eden Updated Hands-On

Given the success of PixelJunk Racers and PixelJunk Monsters on the PlayStation Network, another game in the series was pretty much inevitable. PixelJunk Eden certainly isn't your garden-variety platformer, with a unique setting, gorgeous visuals, and quirky story that sets it apart from other games in the genre.

After seeing Eden at E3 2008, GameSpot got a chance to sit down with the game in the comfort of the GameSpot UK offices to play through its first three gardens. Eden is deceptively simple yet challenging at the same time, and while it eases you in gently, things get tougher once you've passed the first couple of levels.

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Silogon4319d ago

Pixle Junk Racers, was average on all scales and at times complete trash.

Pixle Junk Monsters, was an incredible experience and still is to this day. I think, in all honesty, it is 1 of the best next gen games out. EVER! Period. These guys learned their lesson from the last game and have really stepped it up.

Pixle junk Eden, this is complete $#*t! The controls, the tedious nature of it, the gameplay, the vague objectives for trophies. It's like they learned from their mistakes and then threw all they learned out the window and said, let's be Junk again. Literally. This game is a waste of 10 bucks, the trophy support, while plenty, ask too much of your time to obtain just 1.

I mean, you have to open 41 seeds in the 2nd garden just to get a bronze trophy and that equates to literally 1 hour of play. That's for 1 trophy.

This game is being deleted from my HDD today. A waste of 10 bucks.

thor4319d ago

I'm having great fun playing eden. I don't think it's quite as good as monsters, and it is tedious in the sense that you fall down quite a lot, but with practice it gets easier and it is fantastic fun 3 player. And concerning trophies, they're not just giving them away, but I managed to get the trophy for the 1st garden just by getting all 5 spectra there (which is part of the game). The controls are great. I know you have to double tap to jump, but that's useful especially if you're trying to attack an enemy, then you don't fall all the way down because you're caught on your silk.

I'm sorry you couldn't get into this as much as I have! I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me that it's a great game.