MS "may" charge for Avatar accessories

As if Xbox 360 Avatars weren't controversial enough, Microsoft's games corporate VP John Schappert says micro-transactions "may be in the future" for the Xbox Mii-alikes.

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Real gamer 4 life3821d ago

Lmao at microsoft if this is true.


That not a suprise i mean they charge us for gamerpics and themes.

gaffyh3821d ago

So they charge a monthly fee for XBL Gold, and on top of that they do microtransactions as well. This is a very bad idea MS.


We are paying for live and we cant even get gamerpics and themes for free atleast gold member should get em free!

Kaneda3821d ago

What are you guys complaining about? They use this money to buy exclusive games for 360.. :) like paying off SE... whatever you give them will bring more exclusives for you.. the more money you give to M$ the more better games you will get for the system..

solidsnakus3821d ago

LOL this is just as funy as sony charging for cloths and houses in home! ... lame.

NegativeCreepWA3821d ago

Home will do the same thing. So why doesn't anyone bash Sony for it? If your going to complain when one company does it, you should complain when the other does. I never seen any articles complaining about SSD charging $5 for two co-op modes and one of two gold trophies for the game. If MS did it people would be all over them for it.

KingME3821d ago

are there actually any 360 fans commenting in this thread or was it marked as PS3 news.

Chubear3821d ago

this is great business on MS's part. Look, they know their fanbase very well and they know what they can get away with. They know the 360 fans are very loyal and before you know it they'll be rabidly arguing why paying for themes, BG pics and avatar customizations are indeed better than having them free.

MS know their fanbase very well and will milk the hell out of them cuase they seen that they just can.

dexterwang3821d ago


PSN and Home is FREE! Xbox live costs 60 something a year, which I refuse to pay for, shouldn't we at least get some free stuff from them?

Its totally understandable if Sony charges for stuff on home, since what they're providing is free... if MS made gold membership free, there would be NO complaints. Please use some logic in your posts, its not too hard

godofthunder103820d ago

you could tell who's the ps3 fanboys.they act like it's a joke to charge for things like this and i'll agree but sony is charging for things for home to so they all need to stop laughing.It's the kettle calling the pot black.

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niall773821d ago

since they already charge for changing you background on the 360, charging to buy a NIKE shirt for you Mii60 doesnt seem hard to see happening

chaosatom3821d ago

Not home characters, who are fully 3d and customizable.

rogimusprime3821d ago

I don't know who disagreed with you, but if they charge you points just to change your damn name on LIVE, then you can bet they WILL charge for accessories.

Viktor E3821d ago

5 Dollars for Shoelaces.

Zerodin3821d ago

If you don't like it, don't buy it!
WOW, such a concept!

Viktor E3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

For a Wristband.

juuken3821d ago

Lmao, $20.00 for a pair of boxers! :D

SpecialSauce3821d ago

look how [email protected] they look..... hahaha enjoy playing with ur dolls xbots.

Tmac3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

lolz, $50 for a Solid Snake avatar, cuz u know thats the closest ur getting to snake xbots lol.

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Omega43821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

No surprise, nothings free with MS

I like the way he takes a jab at HOME:

"Our goal is not to create a sterile environment where you move furniture around. It's about how can we make our gaming experiences better,"

Fishy Fingers3821d ago

Yeah funny he didnt add that home is free, then again, that's probably something MS had removed from his vocabulary.

Xi3821d ago

you'll have to buy things for your characters in home too.

Deviant3821d ago

NO u DONT HAVE to buy anything

midgetsanx3821d ago

Yeah, sure you have to buy things in HOME but people are paying 50 bucks just for a GOLD Membership. People think that they deserve to get some stuff free when they are already paying for a membership.

MikeGdaGod3821d ago

you do not HAVE to buy ANYTHING in Home.

you will have the OPTION to purchase certain items.

i am in the beta and have been for over a year now. END OF STORY

Bnet3433821d ago


The same things will be with the avatars. You will never be forced to buy premium content, ever. It will always be an option.

KingME3821d ago


does home boot in directly, once you install it or do you have to load it. I have always wondered how that worked. If it doesn't, is there a way to make it your default boot/loadin for the PS3?

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PwnShop3821d ago

Home will also be charging for extra accessories.

PwnShop3821d ago

I think, i could be wrong, someone tell me if I'm wrong, or right.

Deviant3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

u are right ....theyll charge for bigger houses etc . still think there will be something like ingame money earned by unlocking trophies.

PwnShop3821d ago

That trophy money thing is pretty cool, maybe Microsoft should give award achievements with Microsoft points.

zo6_lover273821d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there charging for bigger houses, but you can use trophies to buy them.
M$ is getting pretty outrageous on what they charge, knowing them it will be over priced

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