Playstation 3 to be released in Europe on the 03/03/2007 ?

The Playstation European release is likely in the first 2 weeks of March. Possibly the 3rd day of the 3rd month, for marketing purposes. They say that Sony have 'no qualms' with this claim.

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timmyp534353d ago

fans,fans,fans, not another article full of useless comments please.

TheXgamerLive4353d ago

not sony fact, lol, I said an oxymoron, "sony fact".

TheXgamerLive4353d ago

or else it will cause more bad press.

I hope there's more quality games available for the Europe launch too. R-FOM is only 1 game. When's the ps3 "oblivion" version scheduled for release?

THWIP4353d ago

...about the same time it (finally) released for PC/360 this year.
It will also be interesting to see if they launch with enough units to MEET whatever demand there is by then. Just like with the 360 (only to a greater degree), they'll still be trying to fill launch preorders/demand in both U.S., as well as Japan (and whatever countries they've launched in up to that point).
If Europe gets the shaft AGAIN, and launches with only a couple 100k units, Sony may be finished there.

Scythesean4353d ago

Dang that is so weird I'll be 25....Crap getting old. To bad I don't live in Europe it would have been a sweet birthday gift. Oh well I have one already so, Game on!

4353d ago
kornbeaner4353d ago

At least allow the euro gamers to have more then one must title at launch besides just a bunch of ports. They waited long enough they should at least get rewarded for it.

unleash bass4353d ago

If by chance they do manage to get it out in Europe for then, there will be so few due to having to fulfill back orders in Japan & USA. I think it will probably be more like this time next year that the majority of people will be able to get their hand on one.

The good thing tho, at least there should be some worth playing on it by then. IMO there's nothing worth bothering with at the moment appart from maybe MOTORSTORM but I'm not pay £500 just to play one game, no way man!

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