360 price cuts on all hardware in September - Mole attack

The Mole pays Ars' gaming editor a visit with violent but happy news on Xbox 360 pricing. Price cuts are coming, much sooner than expected.

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They should lower the prices on the HDD's to a more reliable price atleast Arcade one is at 199$ in September and game bundles for the holiday.

Hydrolex4324d ago

I have heard that these last 360s are more reliable than the old ones.

callahan094324d ago

Damn. 199 for the arcade? That puts it at cheaper than a Wii.

It's a damn shame that Nintendo started selling the Wii for so much. It's little more than a GameCube based on the hardware inside the thing, and it can receive a wireless internet signal. That's pretty much all it's got going for it. And they charge 250 for the bad boy. In my opinion, the Wii is totally not worth that price, especially with the 360 arcade, which contains far more powerful hardware, being cheaper in September. All the weirdy's who continue to buy Wii's with it's gigantic library of complete crap and rather small library of good games at a price that's got to be somewhere in the range of 300% mark-up versus Nintendo's cost to manufacture is a downright fool. Gamers ought to blackball Nintendo until they lower the price on their machine and while they're at it they need to step up production on some more quality hardcore games at their in-house studios.

thePatriot4324d ago

preach, brother.
Now if only those casual games would wisit n4g now and then.
they can keep their wii. but to limit yourself to only a wii is a darn shame. buy a 360 or a ps3 as well, such difference in hardware and software should not be missed. especially with pricess comming down.

solidt124324d ago

If this is the cause Sony better hope they can still turn a profit by lowering the PS3 price. They have made there first profit but I know that they won't drop the PS3 price if they can't continue to make a profit. The Investors would kill them, but it this is true they need to do something.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R4323d ago

Does anyone know if these are refurbs sold as new or are these entire brand new systems? I remember something about refurbs being sold as new...I hope not, that Elite looks miiiiight nice :)

AAACE54323d ago

I highly doubt those prices will reflect the actual price drop, but if they are the real numbers... it shows MS ain't B*llsh*tt*n with this battle! Those prices including bundles and with all the different games being released this year would be a deadly combination! Alot of casual gamers would basically be forced to buy the console for price alone.

Fanboys don't hate my comment. I just stated what kind of potential ripple effect something like this 'could' possibly have! And don't say they only got a couple games, cause if you do... they you didn't look at the release list!

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iMad4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

But it is just a rumour. I guess it is Sony Defens Force started that rumour to stop great August XBOX sales because people will start wait till September.
But if it is true so there will be very very good for MS. It will wide the gap from PS3.

Anyway it is very good autunum for XBOX 360 will price drop happen or not.

PimpHandHappy4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

should be iCRAZY

if you really think the SDF can stop Xbox sales you need to get a grip!

ADD ON: Ok your going to piss me off
War is War? SDF? Click on that link there buddy
Do yourself a solid and stop thinking to hard about this so called WAR! Call it a fight or battle but in todays world "War" holds meaning and for ppl to use it in terms of gaming is STUPID! Its ppl like you that are victims of PR and SPIN

iMad4324d ago

I hate thouse bastards and black PR-methods they use.

Kyur4ThePain4324d ago

That was funny.
Oh wait, you're serious. Just sad.

Ashta4324d ago

The Open Zone -> Head that way.

incogneato4324d ago

iMad and others: FYI Sony Defense Force is a website created by Xbox fans as a joke. look it up

thePatriot4324d ago

lets call it a sissy fist-slap brawl, atleast, I could brobably win one of those.

AAACE54323d ago

Sony Defense! That term has always been funny to me.

OK, we'll start a new one called M-bak(Microsoft backers), it will be MS last line of defense... LOL!

Apply now... we are accepting applications!!

Ahhh, I need to quit thinking of stupid sh*t.

mistertwoturbo4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

lol "War is War"

That's possibly the biggest fanboy comment i've ever seen personally.

People, it's not that serious. This whole "console war" thing is just fun.

Sure some folks here will take things to the heart. But that's when you should take a step back into reality, and think. "Man, I'm gettin riled up over nothing."

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Excalibur4324d ago

just do away with the Arcade version all together.
All MS did with the Arcade is paint themselves and the devs into the corner.

BrotherNick4323d ago

Hell no, I'm getting the arcade, just for all the jrpgs. Don't need online, got a PC.

AAACE54323d ago

I kind of agree with you! The only reasons for the arcade version is for people who only buy 2-3 games. There are alot of people who only buy Madden or baseball, etc. and will never buy any other games or care about online. Also the arcade is ok for if your 360 dies and you just want a replacement.

PwnShop4324d ago

Maybe I'll pick up an Xbox then, Fable 2 looks pretty sweet.

Hagaf224324d ago

yeah i might have to get one for the holidays. its sad though the only reason i really want it is for gears... :(

iMad4324d ago

PS3 will dead if that true.

Too many good news for XBOX and too many bad news for PS3 from E3 till nw. Lets see how sales will reflect this

Drekken4324d ago

yeah, the predecessor to the king of consoles is dead because the most unreliable console ever made is dropping price. Good logic!

cahill4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

most of them have already bought an x360
it is ps2 owners who need a next gen dive

an x360 already costs half as much as a ps3 in europe

price cut wont impact sales for x360. but price cut will impact more ps2 owners diving to next gen on ps3

It is about brand preference.
MS move is a sign of desperation since the ps3 has already come with 3 million of x360's total WW sales

iMad4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

There is no star for ages. If Sony did work not so good as Nin or MS then they will loose no mater how many PS2 they sold in the past.

Don't beleive in non-exists customer who will buy PS3 only because he has PS2. People learn to make research before purchase and make the best choose for their money.

cahill4324d ago

people who have a ps2 would buy an unreliable console without games. mgs4 is a game which is better than all x360 games. Not to mention that ps3 has a much better lineup for Fall too
best choice for money?

mediocre games , unreliable hardware, 50 $ for online, no wifi support ,no HDMI 1.3 support and people would buy an x360 over ps3???
when they bought ps2/ps1 before

good analysis

Drekken4324d ago

Well, if you ask me Sony is doing better than both in my eyes. Better hardware, better games and more innovation. This is my opinion and may not be everyones.

Pain4324d ago


Cheap price = what it is . Cheap pice of crap.

zapass4324d ago

SH!T is on sale



microshaft still win when you purchase one of there hard drive . Bots = still retarded ....Is this cheaper than a heater? anyone

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