Top 10 Wii Games

Last week the 10th Hour was pretty hard on the Wii, but this's all about Nintendo love. 411's Derek Robbins breaks down his top 10 favorite Wii games! From No More Heroes to Super Smash Brothers Brawl, see which games make the list!

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big shadow4361d ago

I pretty much agree on all of them

Mr Fancy Pants4361d ago

mmmmmm not....

where's zelda tp?

if i make a top of Wii games i would make a top 2

1. Zelda TP
2. Metroid Prime 3

deeznuts4361d ago

where is zelda TP? Dude, it's #4.

I must ask, didja RTFA?

Fny4361d ago

Brawl and metroid. Brawl isnt even that great anyway.

Reibooi4361d ago

These are more or less the only games worth playing on the Wii and half of them are debatable such as Mario cart and Mario strikers. However most of the rest are good games. It's sad though that 90% of the rest of the Wii library is shovelware.

Orange4361d ago

No fricken' way that No More Heroes is better than Twilight Princess. No More Heroes has style for miles, but it's stagnant and boring. Boooooo! Hisssss!

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ArtisianDragon4361d ago

and must say that these games are practically the only good games,on it aside from the shovel ware. (Though I wonder if Mario Strikers charged is that good, I've never played it but I played the mario Soccer.)

Also where is boom blox I hear people saying that it's good, and yet it doesn't make it to the top 10?

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