Gamasutra - Braid's Blow On Why 'Games Need You'

In an inspiring talk at the Develop Conference in Brighton, Braid creator Jonathan Blow has been discussing how developers can "produce great games that will change people's lives", given the fact that, in today's market, "mainstream games are conflicted works".

Blow, who is a former programming columnist for Game Developer magazine and a sought-after consultant in the game biz, as well as the creator of IGF prize-winning Xbox Live Arcade title Braid, addressed the conference on " to build games that are important - that address the human condition but are still good games."

The creator started by asking what the problems are that act as obstacles to this aim? He noted: "Mainstream games are conflicted works. People can sense this. Games don't resonate if the work is disharmonious. How can we remove this conflict that's built into our games, and what is it?"

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