Gamasutra Interview: Xbox Live Community Games - Multerer Tells All

Shortly after the keynote presentation in which Boyd Multerer unveiled Microsoft's pricing scheme for its XNA Community Games initiative, Gamasutra had the chance to sit down with the Microsoft executive and discuss the thinking behind the company's strategy.

In the private meeting room where the discussion took place, XNA general manager Multerer took time to demo two of his favorite games - Japanese-developed Funny Dancing and Boggle-meets-Bejeweled word-matching game Word Soup - slated for release on the service.

XNA Community Games will debut for the Xbox 360 this Fall, and allow amateur and indie creators to publish peer-reviewed console games online and receive money for doing so.

In this in-depth interview, Multerer discusses the royalty specifics, professional game developers using XNA, and why he'd like to see big-budget retail games releasing companion mini-games via XNA Community Games.

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