Red Faction dev not concerned over hard drive-less 360s

Speaking to Red Faction Guerrilla associate producer Ismael Vicens has revealed that the team at Volition (also working on Saints Row 2) isn't worried about the lack of a hard drive in every Xbox 360.

When asked if the hard drive as standard in every PS3 gives it an advantage over the 360 Vicens said:

"No. We designed our streaming system in such a manner that really we don't have to worry about that. I would say the lack of a hard drive isn't significantly hurting us in any real way. We'd already developed a streaming system that, like I said, you can destroy a building, come back 10 hours later and it's still destroyed in the same way. And there's no loads. Once you hit new game or load game the only time we load anything is like, load a cut scene or if you die or something like that. You don't really see load screens in our game. Lack of a hard drive I wouldn't say it's something that we're too concerned with."

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shazam4319d ago

there better not be a ps3 install or i will blow up their studio

SeanScythe4319d ago

then come back 10 hrs later to make sure it's still blown up.

TheTimeDoctor4319d ago

why wouldn't there be an install? you lot are daft.

Jamaicangmr4319d ago

I would much rather an install if it makes the game run even 1% better. I mean come on Sony spent alot of money to make the HDD standard primarily for the devs not us. So i have no problem with them using it.