Top Ten Dogs in Gaming

Phil writes, "Today is unofficially National Dog Day here in the United States. You've no doubt seen that if you peruse social media of any kind. It only makes sense, then, to give proper props to the very best of man's best friend in the world of gaming. These woofing wonders, these dogs in games, are what I consider the greatest puppy, dog, and canine companions that video games have to offer."

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CyanocittaCristata2089d ago

Sad Arcanine didn't make it ;) but cool list.

Rimeskeem2089d ago

Every time the dog from Duck Hunt comes up

Spotie2089d ago

That dog ruined my childhood.

Yui_Suzumiya2089d ago

Haha. First game I ever played when I got an NES for Christmas 1990.

Tross2089d ago

How did Koromaru not make this list? Epic fail. At least Sam from Sam and Max made it.