Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Trophy list (unconfirmed)

As reported by IGN on July 29, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will get 48 trophies. Arne Meyer, senior manager of marketing communications over at Naughty Dog has revealed that the trophies in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will be identical to the current medal reward system in the game with just one addition: a platinum trophy that will be rewarded when all 47 other trophies are unlocked. took the time to list the expected trophies and their requirements. Read on and learn how to get rewarded with all the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune trophies.

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Deviant3821d ago

not news worthy = same trophies as before / nothing has changed

Veryangryxbot3821d ago

Secondly, the trophy system is compatible with HOME to bring trophies to life in full 3D glory meaning that every trophy you earn, you can PROUDLY display in your HOME as a full 3D object and not just a textline saying you "managed to do such thing".

Hagaf223821d ago

cant wait, looks like most wont be too difficult. definitely adds replay value.

MikeD1593821d ago

These aren't all of the trophies, he stated there will be hidden ones as well

thewolf53821d ago

the only really difficult one looks like beating the game on crushing, all the other really hard ones can be done on a single playthrough on easy mode

Ninja_9tails3821d ago

That is 48 trophies. They stated that there would be 48 trophies. Remember that some of those medal points are listed as hidden until you do them.

Mr PS33821d ago

Stated that the Trophys
Will be the same as the ingame one's

sajj3163821d ago

I'm going to replay this game for the trophies! I've always been a proponent of gamer achievement points and I'm glad PSN now support it with the trophy system and level ups.

Aclay3821d ago

This is what I expected, they are just taking the medals from the game and turning the medal achivement into a trophy.

I've already got almost all of those medals in Uncharted and going through it again would be pretty tough. I dare anyone to try to beat Uncharted on Crushing Difficulty because it's hard as hell.

Mr_Bun3821d ago

It's too bad that they couldn't make different trophies instead of just re-doing all of the medals from the game.

meepmoopmeep3821d ago

yeah, Crushing was the only one i couldn't get a medal for. friggin hard as hell!

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The story is too old to be commented.