The Last Remnant : official blog and wallpapers

The Last Remnant's official website has been updated with an official blog where you can find four wallpapers.

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TheHater4319d ago

When is this game coming out for the ps3?

Light Yagami4319d ago

They're okay. Still not sure about the game.

Raoh4319d ago

You know. when i read about this game in game informer i was excited to play this. now that its yet to be announced for ps3 release but guaranteed to be released this year for 360. i'm no longer excited...

Bioshock is one thing. If we thought it was 360 exclusive then we knew not to wait for it. the game is a hit and its coming to ps3. good news. i played the demo when i had the 360, wasnt my type of game though.

alone in the dark? crap so when it hits the ps3 we already know its crap.

vampire rain? crap and again we know its crap.

overlord? not crap but nothing that makes you scream must play.. the reviews have been done to death on the 360 side for anyone on the ps3 to be excited....

i expect that there will be enough rpg's out for the ps3 by the time this makes it over and it wont be as welcomed as square hopes.

if it gets great reviews i'll rent it from gamefly and if i love it i'll buy it but i dont really care for this game as much anymore....

gano4318d ago

World potential online seems nice.