Sony Plans PSP Comeback In America, Recovering From System's Low Point

Patrick Keplek reports:

''There was barely a word about the PSP at E3 2008.

Sony revealed several new products for the portable at their press conference, but third-parties were mum on their support. At E3, I sat down with John Koller, Sony's director of hardware marketing, about the state of the PSP in 2008.

What's coming over the next 12 months? Why aren't third-parties talking? Sony explains…''

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Kaneda4318d ago

I am still waiting for integration PSP to some of the PS3 games.. remember the demo F1.. Any PS3 games work with PSP yet?

Kaneda4317d ago

Not a big fan Ridge Racer.. Should integrate with GT5

DA_SHREDDER4318d ago

All we want is a second analog stick,, then it would be selling like hot cakes.

sajj3164318d ago

Hopefully there are more games announced @ TGS! PSP is red hot in Japan! I can't see why don't announce more exclusive games to the PSP.

360rxorz4318d ago

Just like the PS3, the PSP will never make a comeback. Microsoft should make a handheld just to completley wipe Sony off the map forever.

ps3fosho4318d ago

oh ya cuz u know the ps3 selling out the 360 is bad and its not in the work of a comeback wow i so forgot that meant it has failed f**kin tard

360rxorz4318d ago

The PS3 may have been selling more, but not anymore. It will slow down and eventually stop, and the 360 will come out the winner. The PS3 is a fad like the Wii. People only buy one so they can say "Look at me, I have a PS3! I'm richer than you and waste my money on crap because I can!"

syanara4317d ago

the ps3 and psp have already started making a comeback in america so weather you like it or not your gonna go on n4g one day and see the ps3 surpass the 360 in sales

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The story is too old to be commented.