Rogue Continuum Hits Early Access this September with Full PC, PS4, Xbox One Release in 2016

Time travel, killing, psychopaths and 4-player co-op. Sounds like a solid recipe for fun as Rogue Continuum hits Steam Early Access in prep of its full 2016 release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Paulhammer1745d ago

4 player coop should be hella fun in this one!

3-4-51745d ago

Those character designs are some of the most generic I've ever seen.

Game reminds me of smash tv

GrapesOfRaf1745d ago

Pretty excited for this. Hopefully it releases with a bundle so me and a few friends can get it for a bit cheaper.

JohnnyXeo1745d ago

Is that Duke Nukem in the pic?

user99502791745d ago

Looks pretty intense and colorful. Could be good fun. XB1 Early Access, by chance?

Digital_Anomaly1745d ago

Well they did say it was coming! It sure would be nice if we started to see more of the cross platform titles hitting the XB1 early access program.

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